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  1. dgskateproductions

    Filming at night

    +1 for led panels though, my buddy’s still all use Honda generators and some flood lights. Not always the best option due to noise and what not but works great for the most part
  2. Damn well, I had my e46 for about 2 years, then had gotten rid of it last year and now finishing up on my s chassis. 240 was stock, now it’s a different color with lots of goodies and a sr20! I do have a daily but that’s nothing worth talking about
  3. dgskateproductions

    What the hell have you been up to?

    Damn, heard this was back up and had to search through some threads to remember my user name to log in ? well since this site went down I had graduated high school, went to Columbia Chicago for Cinematography, realized it wasn’t totally me, so have since dropped that and I’m now at a local community college studying architecture. Dont really skate like I used to due to work, can’t really hurt myself like I used to be able to. But have seen found myself really into cars, and enjoy drifting when I have a chance at some local events. Suprised to see see how many people are back on and are familiar users from predeath
  4. dgskateproductions

    Canon T2i

  5. dgskateproductions

    Canon T2i

  6. dgskateproductions

    Canon T2i

    Yoo! I have a Canon T2i thats in good condition that I am looking to sell. It comes with 3 batteries, 1 charger, kit lens (18-55), and the lens caps. I will send pictures if interested. Works 100% as it should. Just looking to get rid of it because I do not use it anymore. Shoot me a text if you're interested. 630-408-4584 Thanks!
  7. dgskateproductions

    Josh Kasnicka (oiam) New Part

    Ayyy yoo tooiiight
  8. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

  9. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

  10. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

  11. dgskateproductions

    Dvx100b Mk2 Setup

  12. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

    Bump Cus this price is cheap as titties. I know yall like some titties so this camera is whatchu need
  13. dgskateproductions

    Dvx100b Mk2 Setup

    For the homie Adam Lenchner
  14. dgskateproductions

    From Gh4 To 528w Led

    For my boi Noah aka SlightlyStoopid69! Take it away g
  15. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

    vx2 still heree