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  1. swackedflapjack

    Rokinon 7.5mm, Opteka Eazy Handle, Audio-technica Pro-24cm

    Buy my things plox nd tnx
  2. I haven't been involved with skateboarding much at all in the past 6 months or so, so I have a couple things that I can sell. I need the cash. So today I have a Rokinon 7.5mm that I used on my GH1. It doesn't have any caps but I'll include a little padded Sigma lens bag that protects it very well. It doesn't have any issues. I'm looking for $200 plus shipping on that. Next I have an Opteka Eazy Handle. I used this maybe once because it isn't the right size for my camera. The two side coldshoes are kinda funky and are too big to actually fit coldshoe stuff so I tried to sand one of the three down so I could attach more things. I actually forget if I sanded it down enough to work but I can check when I get home later today. I'm not sure how much these go for used, but they are $80 new on Opteka's website so maybe... $50 plus shipping? I dunno just hit me up about that one. It's heavy though. Finally I have my Audio-Technica Pro-24CM shotgun mic. There are no issues with that and it even comes with a nice little squishy mesh pouch. Fun! So I dunno. It looks like they go for a bit less than $60 new on B&H, so I'm looking for like $40 plus shipping on that? All of these prices are just starting points so please contact me if you want to purchase any of this. We can most likely work something out. Unfortunately I can't accept trades now. I'm going on vacation in about two months and some extra spending money would be nice. TLDR: Rokinon - $200 + s&h Opteka - $50 + s&h Pro-24CM - $40 +s&h Let me know if my prices are outrageous, I've been out of the loop for some time. I'll upload pictures when I get home tonight. The best way to contact me is via email @ jjboatman@gmail.com
  3. swackedflapjack

    Wtt: My Gh1 For Your T_i

    The title says it all. I'm on my phone in class at the moment but basically I have a GH1 setup that includes the body, battery, a sigma 19mm and a Rokinon 7.5mm. I figure we could keep all of the essentials like SD cards and such. Text me at 267-909-7987 for a faster response.
  4. swackedflapjack

    Trv/ Baby Death

    In most cases I would agree with jtmcgee16's statement but for TRV900s people usually buy 37mm baby death lenses. That setup is compared to VX1MK1 setups. You would just need to get a 37mm to 52mm step ring.
  5. swackedflapjack

    Wtb: Yugioh Cards

    I wish I kept all of mine. Pokemon is the shit. Yu-Gi-Oh too, but only the OG stuff.
  6. swackedflapjack

    Gh1 Setup

    Thanks, but no thanks homey. I'm strictly m4/3 haha. Which reminds me, I'm not actually selling this anymore if someone could delete this thread that would be prime.
  7. swackedflapjack

    Fs Gs500 Setup For Jvdude

    I'm pretty sure this was mine before it was Stewart's. If that's the case, I got it off an old guy who literally never used it. It is so pretty and perfect. I almost want it... But I shouldn't...
  8. I know Super Smash Bros. Melee is for Gamecube and N64 controllers don't work with Gamecubes. I'm just realizing I don't have essentials so I should hop on that haha. I have money in PayPal so text me at two-six-7-9-O-nine-seven-9-eight-7 and we can work something out.
  9. swackedflapjack

    Macbook Pro Or Mac Mini

  10. swackedflapjack

    Macbook Pro Or Mac Mini

    I would suggest avoiding the Mac route. You could build an insane PC for $1,200. Like, it would be wonderful. I can't even. So if you are willing to do that, you could get Premiere Pro on there and that would be great.
  11. swackedflapjack

    Gh1 Setup For Sale Or Trade For T_i Setup

    Last bump, if this isn't sold by tomorrow I can't sell it.
  12. swackedflapjack

    Gh1 Setup For Sale Or Trade For T_i Setup

    Oops sorry homey, I can't split it up.