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  1. jbcloud

    Wtb: Mk1

    Looking to buy an mk1 for my vx1000 after I sell my vx2000 this week.
  2. I filmed most of this and my friend edited it. We used a vx2000 with a 58mm opteka and a raymod for most of it, some of the SF stuff was filmed with a random Panasonic dv camera because I fell with my vx. And we used my friend's Panasonic vhs camera too. We're not that good but hopefully you enjoy watching it. There's a little bmx too.
  3. jbcloud

    What Light Should You Get For Your Camera

    no the cn160 is very lightweight, occasionally I'll hold the light just to keep it more stable when filming a single trick but Ive never needed to during a line.
  4. jbcloud

    Gyb Last Summer Edit

    thanks I actually thought I fucked up the audio glad you liked it. Thanks man and I think its just called 8mm app for iphone
  5. Edited some clips filmed last summer and messed around with 8mm iphone app
  6. We filmed this over the past four months and I just finished today. I got a lot better with my filming towards the end and you can probably tell which shots were old from the shakiness. For most of the lines I had to use warp stabilizer in after effects. Canon T2i, Rokinon 8mm, 50mm f1.8, kit lens, and magic lantern for some of the shots.
  7. jbcloud

    Magic Lantern For T2i/550d!

    Yes I did, Ive tried changing settings and reformating the cards but nothing works.
  8. jbcloud

    Magic Lantern For T2i/550d!

    I did format the cards and the last build I tried was from November I think. I use the default bitrate and tried setting the buffer warn level to 55% but it still stopped recording. I really don't know what it could be so I haven't used magic lantern for the past month but I'd like to figure it out since ML is so beneficial.
  9. jbcloud

    Magic Lantern For T2i/550d!

    Yes, without ML it works fine so I only have it installed on one uhs-1 card but I barely ever use it.
  10. jbcloud

    Magic Lantern For T2i/550d!

    How many of you actually use magic lantern for filming skating? Because no matter what build I have tried over the past 6 months, it will make my t2i stop recording every so often and I will miss tricks because of it. It will stop recording even if I lower the bitrate, but not as often. And I have tried Transcend class 10, SanDisk class 10, and SanDisk uhs-1 memory cards. Even the uhs-1 with 45 MB/s read/write will stop recording sometimes. Im wondering if I should try a 95 MB/s SanDisk card, or is it just something wrong with my camera.
  11. jbcloud

    Camera Settings?

    Most people prefer to shoot in neutral mode with all the settings on the lowest values in order to have more control over the colors when editing. I mainly use neutral: +2 sharpness, 0/+1 contrast, and +2 saturation because I dont like having to mess with the colors a lot.
  12. jbcloud


    Maybe, I'll test it out this weekend and post a video.
  13. jbcloud


    photo (2) by jbrandoncloud, on Flickr I got the DSLR-Devices handle today and its very stable even without a weight.