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  1. Yeah I really don't see what is so appealing about looking at a bunch of the same cars in a mall parking lot. My car is a piece yet I probably enjoy driving it a lot more than most of those guys.
  2. Idk I just get tired of seeing cars with big wheels and stretched tires. Maybe it's just the people that live around me that ruin that whole scene. Car is clean tho.
  3. I guess people haven't moved on from that dumb hellaflush fad yet.
  4. It's an old definition. My dad told me that a coupe didn't have B pillars so you could have four-door coupes.
  5. Nah that's not Hokie respect. lol
  6. Spotted this Thruxton just off campus while getting lunch.
  7. Keep the pics coming dude.
  8. Engine starts making a thunking noise on acceleration after ~10 minutes of driving and then feels like it's getting bogged down and then shuts off. Starts right up after which is wierd. It's an old Focus hatch.
  9. The engine in my car is probably gonna take a shit soon if I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Oh well lol. On a brighter note I saw a Ferrari on a twisty back road today behind some cars.