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  1. Camera Help! Dslr Vs Camcorder And What Best Fits Me

    you're gonna want a DSLR or a MFT camera for what you said you'd be using it for.
  2. Damn, What Camera Was Used Here?

    probably an old point and shoot but who knows nowadays, people try too hard to be "artsy"
  3. Sd Meets Hd

    well damn lol
  4. Sd Meets Hd

    James Messina filmed that. and im pretty sure its FS700
  5. 7d Problem Adjusting Fstop.

    sounds like you have auto exposure on or something
  6. Vimeo Vs. Youtube

    vimeo has a supportive videographer community. very minimal trolling compared to youtube. i use both though. vimeo for portfolio stuff and youtube for everything else.
  7. M42 And Full Frame

    peleng on a full frame would look like ass... But they're designed for 35mm sensors. So they would work from what i know.
  8. Non Premium Sony Tapes In Vx1000?

    bruh lol its fine. i ran panasonic and sony tapes in my old VX for years. just run a head cleaner though if you swap brands.
  9. Ty Peterson Summer Solstice

    are yall from Vancouver?
  10. Portland 35mm

    i dig the 2nd shot. if only portland's skyline was bigger but obviously you can't change that haha.
  11. San Antonio

    yo. i live here. pm me
  12. Fs: Mint Condition Mk1 Fisheye

    legit as fuuuuuuck
  13. Hmc40, Opteka Ultra Fisheye Blurry As Fuck

    if this is the vortex it wont work. actually, return this thing and get a Nikon FC-E9. save yourself the trouble. this is my old HMC40/FC-E9
  14. Psychosis Promo 3

    diggin it