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  1. AndrewHentzen

    The Reading Thread

    BUMP Sure has been awhile since I've posted here. Spent the summer in Alaska and read a few books: Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas - Tom Robbins The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien Wolf Of Wall Street - Jordan Belfort Travels With Charlie - John Steinbeck Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac Currently reading: Another Roadside Attraction - Tom Robbins To anyone who has not read a Tom Robbins novel I highly recommend his work. Utterly fantastic.
  2. AndrewHentzen

    A Scandinavian Threesome Pt.ii

    really cool how the photos fade in from the top
  3. AndrewHentzen

    Inside Passage, Alaska

    Hey folks, just got back from kayaking in the Inside Passage of Alaska. Spent the summer out there and took some photos for ya'll to enjoy. Peep the flickr yo! flickr
  4. AndrewHentzen

    Random Photo Discussion

    Yeah I know this photo was a force.
  5. AndrewHentzen

    Random Photo Discussion

    Sorry mom
  6. AndrewHentzen

    Bump When High Plus

    Just at 3 whole bags of goldfish
  7. AndrewHentzen

    Random Photo Discussion

    He does look like Drake. It's no fan art though.
  8. AndrewHentzen

    Random Photo Discussion

    humanplant by Andrew Hentzen, on Flickr What do ya'll think of this?
  9. AndrewHentzen

    Hockey Thread

    I did the research and the Hawks will win the cup.
  10. AndrewHentzen

    Keep Your Head Up Pt 2

    Yes! Keep them coming! I really dig them.
  11. AndrewHentzen


  12. AndrewHentzen

    Europe Is All About The Greys

    Always wanted to go to Europe. Love the photos.
  13. AndrewHentzen

    Fs:(ft?) Canon 35mm, Sigma 10-20mm

    PM'd about 35mm
  14. AndrewHentzen

    Macbook Stuck On Start Up Screen

    Just got this:
  15. AndrewHentzen

    Macbook Stuck On Start Up Screen

    I have tried both installing OS X via internet (tried to install Mavericks), and from a DVD. No keystrokes are working when I try booting up the Macbook, I am stuck on a white screen. And I don't know my specs exactly, but here's what I can remember: i5 dual processor 2.5GHz 2011 or 2010 model Macbook Pro Before the system locked up I was using my Macbook for school, music, and storing photos/videos. Only things i downloaded were phish and dead shows, occasional torrent (this might have something to do with it). PS: If I wait out the white screen I get (stated above), I come to the OS X Utilities menu. This is where I try to instal OS X, but it fails every time.