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  1. techno313t

    First Shots Of 2014

    Thank you for giving an actual critique, its appreciated. Hes in windsor ontario now, has been for a couple years
  2. techno313t

    First Shots Of 2014

    nothing? seriously...
  3. techno313t

    First Shots Of 2014

    Spencer Hyland - Fs shuv Dallas Ives - Bs Board Marco Urbano - kickflip fs board Not super hyped on the last one cause of all the background distractions and the flash i tried to remove. cc on the others?
  4. techno313t

    Car Photos

    its hardly an HDR, your just ignorant, calling a technique "gay" is not a critique but thanks for being a hater
  5. techno313t

    Car Photos

    HDR Lovers - extra photo any c/c?
  6. techno313t

    Urban Exploration

    how about instead of being rude and ignorant you could help someone out and suggest ways to reduce the CA.
  7. techno313t

    Urban Exploration

    you need had to capture the unique decaying details of these old places, but sadly, Facebook isn't used much anymore
  8. techno313t

    Urban Exploration

    these ones in particular are HDRs
  9. techno313t

    Urban Exploration

    Been doing some Urban Exploring in Detroit recently and here are the results: Please Check out my Flickr for all of my recent shots! Enjoy.
  10. techno313t

    New Tokina 11-16 And Lcw Nd

    tokina 11-16 @f/22 with 8 stop nd self portrait of me. tokina 11-16 @f10 with 6 stop nd
  11. techno313t

    Dodge Challenger

    thanks for actually being helpful!
  12. techno313t

    Dodge Challenger

    lol okay, cause tumblr is god right, your just ignorant thanks, and i know in the new year im gunna work on car photography.
  13. techno313t

    Dodge Challenger

    lol okay buddy, you dont know me or know what i do for a living
  14. techno313t

    Dodge Challenger

    couple pics of my car
  15. techno313t

    Matt Mcvinnie - Kickflip Motor 8

    havent posted in a while, been really busy with work. i know i didnt get the landing very good and cut the 8th stair. its a little dark cause i only had 1 flash.