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  1. Love the ceramic coated F80! I've really gotten into the euro scene due to work over the last couple years. I still drive a japanese shitbox; I bought this 2011 Evo GSR in the fall of '16 and have really enjoyed it. Detailing has also become an interesting subject for me and I had my car fully paint corrected, partially clear bra'd, and then finally coated within a couple weeks of owning it. I still picked up a few rock chips on these crappy Charlotte roads in the short time it was exposed. It dyno'd 230whp stock and now makes 350ish with the help of a high flow cat, catback, intake, upper intercooler pipe, boost controller, and a nice tune. I've also done brake upgrades, delrin/poly upgraded differential and driveshaft bushings, a stiffer front motor mount, upgraded ball joints/tie rod ends, bilstein shocks off a higher trim Evo, lowering springs, and the full shifter bushing package and a short shifter. It's a pretty well rounded car now and is almost as fun to bang through the gears in as my old rb25 240sx. But nowhere near as charming.
  2. Good tip! I'll give it a try some time.
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    What the hell have you been up to?

    Man! What a great thing to have this forum back. So many good memories. I'm 22 now, haven't actively skated in 3 or 4 years but my passion for digital media has only increased thanks to all your cool people making great conversation for many years. I met Joey Jacobs while shooting a big Volkswagen car show in Savannah, GA last year. Awesome dude I felt like I had known for years.. because I had Cars have certainly dominated my interest on the photo and video front. I worked as a marketing manager producing and publishing content for a European performance shop for a couple of years but now I'm working part time for my father's small creative agency as I wrap up my bachelor's this year. At this point I've spent so much time in school that I'm just ready to put it behind me and focus on enjoying shooting more. I still love the skate scene but am severely detached. I need to buy a fresh complete. Here's a quick recent clip that I filmed, I'm doing less video for fun than I was a year or two ago but staying active as best I can:
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    Damn RIP to the homie I never knew.
  5. Rad to see you guys still in here. J that e30 is still looking nice! I am not sure if I ever posted it but I had an rb25 s13 with a silvia front end for a while after I sold the wrx(for a profit of course). It was a rad car but I transferred to a school 3 hours from my home starting this semester and it just wasn't a car I trusted to make that drive every couple months. So I sold it for a really nice profit put some money in the bank and bought another integra. This time a nice gsr with fairly low original miles(140K), a leather interior, and working ac, cc, ps, and power locks and windows which is a nice change from my usual cheap reliable shitbox hondas I've owned in the past. Here are pictures of both:
  6. Look for a 90's accord wagon! Spacious, 4 doors, and they did occasionally come with manuals though rarely in the wagon iteration.
  7. Right on! Those are great trucks. My buddy has one with over 200k on it and he is very ocd about maintenance. The thing doesn't skip a beat. Toyota does it right! The grand marquis may be a good option for you. More common than both the marauder and the crown vic and they use all crown vic parts. They are also a VERY common grandma owned car and often times I'll see them come through Carmax(where I work) with less than 50k on them because they've hardly been driven, much less abused.
  8. 360bhp naturally aspirated would be wonderful. Awesome power band. What car would it go in? The e30?
  9. yes absolutely. Oh yeah flipped the subaru for a $1300 profit. Picked up something a little different. It's an s13 with an rb25 swap and a silvia front end conversion. Nice car. I like it. Gotta work out a few mechanical kinks but overall it is pretty solid.
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    Bump When High Plus

    Just picked up 3.5 of blackberry kush. It's wonderful. Great quality strain.
  12. I'm sure you've posted it, but what are your plans for that motor? Stroker 2.7L with the b25 head? Boost eventually?
  13. They're very cool cars. Sound fantastic. The new turbo volvo's are nice.