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    I think a lot of current "bad" looking vx footage looks bad due to inappropriate shutter/ aperature combos, and people trying to get "golden colors". Just because you're using a vx1000 doesn't mean footage will instantly look good. The basic properties of exposure still apply.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    wassup den
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    Shot these photos on a series of trips I went on last summer. fall/ winter. Just got around to uploading them now. Lots more on flickr
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    It's called yellow van because somone we know kept thinking the van was yellow, and even though we would correct him, and tell him otherwise he kept thinking it was yellow, and the name just ended up sticking video
  6. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Sellign my HVX200, which I bought, and about a month after ended up getting an HPX170 setup, so this hvx hardly saw use. I bought it from the original owner, who only shot red carpet events with it and logged about 1000 hours of P2 recording. Everything works great on it, cosmetics are fair/ good overall. The fair part is from the LCD cover screen, it takes a cupped hand in direct sunlight to watch footage, go in the shade though and your all good. The battery tab was replaced by panansonic with the previous owner, so it has the newer stronger tab which is apparently less prone to snapping when storing the camera in a bag with battery on it. Along with the camera you will get 2 batteries, still have about 45-60 minutes of life on them. Also a thermodyne hard roller case which is already custom fit to hold an hvx, xtreme fisheye, multiple p2 cards, multiple batteries and various accesories. Looking to get $900.00 (plus shipping), but offers are welcome. After selling stuff through SP over the last 6 years it almost seems pointless to put this, but NO TRADES. If your somewhat local to me (Ventura, ca) We can arange a meetup to checkout/ purchase the camera and save on shipping.
  7. Haven't posted here in a while.... I Went to Europe this summer for a month. I bought a Fuji GS645 before I went. It worked fine before I left, shot a roll through and everything was great, but somehow on the way there, the bellows got a ton of light leaks and the lens wouldn't always come out perfectly straight, leaving half the photo unfocused. I was pretty bummed when I got back and developed all these, but anyway here are a few that came out not too leaked. More on my Flickr as well.
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    Europe Summer With A Broken Camera

    thanks guys The camera is super awesome. The first roll I shot before I left had me pretty much set on having had found possibly my favorite camera. If you can find one for around 100-200 dollars with original bellows thats pretty good. All the Original bellows are terrible, but theres a guy called Frank Marshman who does a full overhual of the camera and bellows replacement for around 400 dollars. Im still waiting to have that done. Gaffers tape and fabric paint has been holding me over until then though.
  9. UPDATE: Send Footage to Artsington@gmail.com The time has come to start gathering clips for SP photographer montage(s) 2012. Tell your filmer buddy to charge his vx batteries and get the generator gassed up and ready to go. Get down to the skatepark and start practicing your multi trick combos. Some of you might need a swiffer to dust off your board. If you don't skate. send your bmx/ scooter/ aggressive inline clips. Do what you gotta do. At the begging of november I will start taking clips. Probably just like last time through sendspace/ rapidshare/ etc... Heres the last one from 09.
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    Sp Photographer Montage V2 2012

    Think of this like a roll of film you shot, and the photo lab lost it for a year, then called you up one day and was like, heres your roll back http://youtu.be/GgTcVW-1Dm0 Sorry sorry sorry for lagging, actually lagging isn't even the word to use here.
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    Sp Photographer Montage V2 2012

    This thing is done, and has been for a while. My computer took a dumper and won't export it however. I tried to get it to work before I left for Europe but no luck. I suck, my computer sucks , apologies friends. I'll get it up when I return home. Getting my setup fixed or replaced. Sorry for disappointing guys, I got slammed with lots of shit, good shit though and than I left the country.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    almost done! Actually the parts are pretty much finished, just need to get into the studio to film the intro and a few filler clips
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    Sigma 10-20mm Or Rokinon 8mm

    if you don't shoot a lot of skating ( not saying fisheye is only for skating) I would go with the 10-20. I had one to use for a while and it is a really good lens. Landscapes, and really just almost anything is great to shoot with it. They came out with a fixed 3.5 version a year or two back which is super good. It also made the price of the 4-5.6 drop significantly so you can pick up a used one for a good price.
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    Sp Photographer Montage V2 2012

    almost there, fucking lagging on this so bad. Its almost done, but I got a bunch of last minute footage Im trying to work in and finish the intro.
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    Random Photo Discussion

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    Motorcycle Thread 3.0

    beetween los angeles and santa cruz DONT take interstate 5. Its flat, straight and boring. Take the 101, and than the 1. You will ride along the coast almost the entire way and see some amazing scenery. I live in Ventura, just north of LA. Hit me up when your rolling through, im down to go skate. so awesome.
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    What Do I Need For Faster Sync!

    flash duration, not shutter speed is what I meant to say. my bad.
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    What Do I Need For Faster Sync!

    With pocketwizards hypersync you can sync as fast as your cameras maximum shutter, HERES how it works
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    What Do I Need For Faster Sync!

    yeah that will work, every receiver from the plus-2 and newer will work on the receiving end.
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    What Do I Need For Faster Sync!

    just get a haselblad But yeah, you just need to TT1 or TT5 transmitter and you can in theoretically go up to 1/8000 of a second.
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    Random Photo Discussion

    you smacked mah boi off camera, now Im ready to smack you on camera
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    Chula Heads

    that song would go really well with that if the edit was just a little cleaned up. not neccesarily just matching to the beat, but there's lots of little guitar and drum parts in there that were just a little off from the skating. I know it sucks to go back into a finished edit and redo things, but it would be really sick tuned up just a bit I think
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    Random Photo Discussion

    I haven't read up on backs for hasselbalds for a while, but aren't they all slightly crop? or are the newer ones full frame? or were they always full frame and I don't know what I'm talking about? also.... sp photographer montage coming soon... very soon.