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  1. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Wtb: Vx1000 For Parts

    How much you willing to pay? Got a japanese vx1000 with some gnarly head problems but looks perfect on the outside
  2. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Vx1000 Tape Path Re Alignment

    So my absolute novice of a friend's VX1000 is showing the symptoms of needing a tape path re alignment, he was wondering if there was any way of performing the surgery himself as we live in the land down under so sending it to VE would be expensive. If not would you have any recomendations on what to do? Thanks
  3. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Long Front Board

    Thanks man, that's what I was going for, I just didn't realise the background was so dark at the time haha I think 250 haha, it wasn't actually as dark as it appears, I was going for a dark background to make the skater pop but made it abit too dark, oops. Here's another one I got with a brighter background but he's kinda over exposed so I didn't like it as much
  4. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Long Front Board

    Shot this as the sun was going down tonight, I'm pretty happy with it. What are your opinions? what could I have done better? Tony Woodward - Front board Tony Woodward - Front board
  5. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Boneless Handplant Over Handrail

    Thanks for the advice man, I'll try it out next time
  6. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Boneless Handplant Over Handrail

    Thanks man, yeh I definitely like the first beter too, do you have any advice for lighting, I literally have no clue what I'm doing Nah man, my friend lent me his canon 60d with a rokinon 8mm
  7. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Boneless Handplant Over Handrail

    My friend lent me his 60d set up for a few days, so I'm having a bit of fun with it, here's a coupla we got tonight. Does anyone have any advice on flash placement or any criticism for that matter ?
  8. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Zenitar 16mm Fisheye For Nikomat Ft?

    yeah it does focus to infinity brah
  9. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Zenitar 16mm Fisheye For Nikomat Ft?

    Nah no cropping dude, it was made for a full frame camera.
  10. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    James Moore - Desert Mouth Full Part

    he's gnaaarly
  11. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Crooks A Van / Drop In

    Adam Coleman - Crooks a van Ben Turner - drop in My thoughts are that on the first one I shoulda panned down a lil to get the whole drain in the shot & gotten the skater to wear maybe a white shirt. what do ya'll think I could've done better? Also new to taking photo's with both flashes and fisheye so any advice for either would be sick!
  12. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Zenitar 16mm Fisheye For Nikomat Ft?

    I got it, it's pretty sick, super fun to play around with & it turned out a bit wider than I had expected. here's a test shot I took with it
  13. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Zenitar 16mm Fisheye For Nikomat Ft?

    I'll post some results in this thread when I have some. The lens is due to arrive any day now & I'm nearing the end of the roll of film in my camera so it could be in the next few days
  14. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Vx1000 Weird Glitch

    Haha we're in aus so I don't think he can bring it in. Would you have a rough idea of what parts to replace? I got an old broken vx that we use for parts
  15. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Vx1000 Weird Glitch

    Here's a little example