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  1. I got my bachelor's last May and I've been looking for a programming job since.
  2. rib_tipz

    Some Recent Stuff

    The Canon 40mm is a great lens. FWIW a 40mm lens yields a field of view closer to human vision than a 50mm does (on a 35mm or smaller format). The third photo is my favorite of the three, although I think it might look better if it were a bit looser.
  3. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    Tuney's got binders full of XAs.
  4. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    I prefer the OG Stylus tbh. Is the X100 really that bad? I'm thinking about getting one but idk.
  5. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    Did you update the firmware?
  6. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    No wooden grip?
  7. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

  8. I bought this new for $200 about two years ago and barely used it. Asking $120 shipped.
  9. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    Bout to try pushing Ektar.
  10. rib_tipz

    Bak Smit

    Really wish his clothes were lighter. Casey Shaw - BS Smith Large
  11. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion

    Will you ship to Slovenia?
  12. rib_tipz

    Ollie Over Rail

    ? Pretty sure he's looking at where he's about to land. Tony, I had a flash to the right--in line with the rail. I guess I should have powered it up and/or pointed it up more? Or do you mean placing it directly to my right so it's more in front of him? Thanks for the feedback.
  13. rib_tipz

    Ollie Over Rail

    Still getting the hang of flashes. Plz crit. Leo Kwan - Ollie
  14. rib_tipz

    Random Photo Discussion