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  1. I got my bachelor's last May and I've been looking for a programming job since.
  2. Some Recent Stuff

    The Canon 40mm is a great lens. FWIW a 40mm lens yields a field of view closer to human vision than a 50mm does (on a 35mm or smaller format). The third photo is my favorite of the three, although I think it might look better if it were a bit looser.
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    Tuney's got binders full of XAs.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    I prefer the OG Stylus tbh. Is the X100 really that bad? I'm thinking about getting one but idk.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    Did you update the firmware?
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    No wooden grip?
  7. Random Photo Discussion

  8. I bought this new for $200 about two years ago and barely used it. Asking $120 shipped.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Bout to try pushing Ektar.
  10. Bak Smit

    Really wish his clothes were lighter. Casey Shaw - BS Smith Large
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    Will you ship to Slovenia?
  12. Ollie Over Rail

    ? Pretty sure he's looking at where he's about to land. Tony, I had a flash to the right--in line with the rail. I guess I should have powered it up and/or pointed it up more? Or do you mean placing it directly to my right so it's more in front of him? Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Ollie Over Rail

    Still getting the hang of flashes. Plz crit. Leo Kwan - Ollie
  14. Random Photo Discussion