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  1. skatethe02184

    Merry Christmas From New Zealand

    been phoning this NZ chick lately
  2. skatethe02184

    Tips For Filming A Full Length

    things required to make a good full length: a decent park for everyone to get gud a park to warm up at/make edits at during filming a plethora of street spots for everyone to get tricks at commitment a good crew of friends that are around all year to skate/film with a car/public transportation depending on where you're filming out of not taking it too serious (DEADLINES, TRAILERS, ADOBE AFTER FX)
  3. skatethe02184

    X-mas List Help

    ask for a new pair of trousers!
  4. skatethe02184

    Fall 2014 In New York City

    Yo! do a kickflip!
  5. skatethe02184

    Unleash The East Trailer #2

    the macro shot of berries really tied the whole promo together you're making a small skate vid with your br0s not a feature film
  6. God that song blows haha
  7. skatethe02184

    Vx Legacy

  8. skatethe02184

    What Have Y'all Been Up To?

    getting a art degree and opening a skate shop and finishign a full length and becoming a millionare aand
  9. skatethe02184

    100' (16mm)

    when ur boy wastes a roll of 16mm film on a shitty park edit
  10. skatethe02184


    ^ H
  11. skatethe02184

    Lol This Website Sucks