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  1. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1

    Got one
  2. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1

    looking for an mk1, working on a full length, wanna get this thing done right, hit me up in text 9103223969
  3. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1000

    Sorry hommie, vk1 bayo
  4. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1000

    I have money ready in paypal, if you have one you're willing to sell get @ yah boi via text 9103223969 working on a full length, wanna get it done right.
  5. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1

    Just copped another vx, hate filming HD, so i'm in need of an mk1, paypal ready! Text me i'll reply faster 9103223969
  6. ifilm4rush

    Wtb: Mk1

    I got one $700 shipped
  7. ifilm4rush

    Sale Thread For Ifilm4rush

    hey thanks man, so i sadly am putting my vx1000 up for sale today, internally i'd say 9/10 i've never had a single glitch or anything for the time i had it and it recently went to kerry and i got to film with it once since i got it back, i'm selling it cause i ran into some car issues and i know somebody out there would love this thing! i'll attach a video with the mk1 and everything i'm trying to sell as a package around $1200 i'll throw in a lot of extras, including a cap cam, new tapes, cleaning tape, and i also have a trv900 setup i'll throw in there, i was going to use it as a backup cam for angles and stuff but i think the heads are misaligned and needs fixed, it'll come with a lens and an opteka handle a big battery and charger, all the good stuff, so heres all the stuff you'll get: vx1000 2 batteries charger flawless mk1 cap cam with all the cords, trv900 (glitching problems) trv900 baby death lens 2 sony premiums cleaning tape pictures: and heres footage: first 5 clips are with the trv 900, all the rest is vx1/mk1 i'm sure you can tell the difference if anybody is interested shoot me a text i'll reply way faster, 9103223969
  8. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1 Paypal Ready Asap

    Looking for a mk1 vx1 bayo, money ready TODAY shoot me offers looking around $600 but i can go up on price just let me know! Easier to reply through text: 9103223969 HIT ME UPPPP
  9. ifilm4rush

    Any Body Got A Vx1000 For Sale Need It Urgently!

    i have a vx1 i just got back from kerry, let me know if your interested
  10. ifilm4rush

    Want To Buy Vx1 Lens Asap

    so i head home for a visit in a few days and need a lens asap, not expecting a mk1 necessarily, just need something to film with asap, an opteka lens will work, i film with a vx1 hit me up with offers, its easier to get a reply from me through text 9103223969 got money paypal ready! i appreciate it, i'll be looking for an mk1 when i get back sometime so i thought i could add that in here now since they're hard to find i might have an offer by then!
  11. ifilm4rush

    Looking For A Mark 1

    I have one $550 shipped text me 9103223969
  12. ifilm4rush

    Wtb Mk1

    I got one text me 9103223969
  13. ifilm4rush

    Wtb: Mk1, Dvx/fx1 Or A Vx2000/2100 Mk2

    I have an mk1 text me 9103223969
  14. ifilm4rush

    Wtb: Mk1 For My Vx1000

    I have one, $550 shipped
  15. ifilm4rush

    Wtb: Mk1

    I have an mk1 i'm willing to sell text me 9103223969 interested in trading too