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  1. SteezyFilms24

    Canon 60d Setup

    For COGskatemedia. super legit Please contact him regarding the product and NOT me. ty.
  2. SteezyFilms24

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

  3. SteezyFilms24

    Sony A77

    For the local homie Mfkstew, i could vouch for him. Please contact him regarding the product and not me.
  4. SteezyFilms24

    Denzel Curry

    https://soundcloud.com/denzelcurryph/denzel-curry-ice-age-feat-mike-dece-prod-by-keenanza-yung-icey-1 fuck wid it?
  5. SteezyFilms24

    My New Street Part! It Sucks Kinda Lol

    fakie front shove!
  6. SteezyFilms24

    Beanplant And Hurricane

    vid or didn't happen
  7. SteezyFilms24


    should build a ledge on that bank. cool clips too
  8. SteezyFilms24

    Assignment 38

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDJ-ybJeh4M&feature=youtu.be booji ascell vx2100/mk1 (demi)
  9. SteezyFilms24

    Female Skateboarding Filmers - Are There Any Out There?

    lmao I know of one locally
  10. SteezyFilms24

    Under Rated Cities To Skate?

    compton for west camden for east
  11. SteezyFilms24

    Adam Hribar - Front Crook Shuv In Philly.

    damn thats a cool spot, diggin the angle on this shot.
  12. SteezyFilms24

    Assignment 36

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7IbOT5hMCw vx2100mk1 cn126
  13. SteezyFilms24

    Assignment 35 Voting

    3pts - JrmyRenner 2pts - Fvbles 1pt - IanE