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  1. AMPed101

    Help Fast Please, Vx1000 Question

    http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/149592-beginners-guide-to-the-vx1000/ This is the only thing you'll need.
  2. AMPed101

    Where Can I Get Century Mk1 Parts?

    Yes, contact century for elements and shit.
  3. AMPed101

    37Mm-52Mm Fisheye Conversion

    Yea its also the weight, a bigger thread can support more weight. Built quality etc.
  4. AMPed101

    Opteka 6.5Mm

    Focus until the thing, that you want to focus on, is in focus. Stuff will be more in focus with fisheye tho, haven't paid enough attention at physics this year to explain that.
  5. AMPed101

    37Mm-52Mm Fisheye Conversion

    Depends on focal length of stock lens.
  6. AMPed101

    Will The Opteka Vortex 58Mm Fit On A T3I? Just Wondering

    It will focus with a macro filter, zoom through the vig (or get perfect focal length) and voila. It can and will suck tho.
  7. AMPed101

    Broken Fisheye

    Does this myth still exist?
  8. AMPed101

    Need Help: Spacer Ring For Opteka 0.3x Fisheye > Vx1000

    52-58 step up ring because step down will mount a smaller lens to bigger threads, you want to do the opposite
  9. AMPed101

    Vx2100 Or Dvx100b

    This question will always end on the same thing: DVX if you film other stuff apart from skateboarding, VX2100 if you're only into skateboarding.
  10. AMPed101

    7d Vs. 60d

    another minor thing with the 60d is that the buttons are terrible, just if someone else looks into this.
  11. AMPed101

    Fixing Unfocused Clips

    if it's minor you could throw a sharpen effect on it, but severe out of focus cannot be fixed as said early.
  12. AMPed101

    7d Vs. 60d

    Also in terms of skateboarding the 7D is 1000x more durable, with it's magnesium alloy body.
  13. AMPed101

    Alex Hancak

    Dissapoint, at least we know who we'll have to avoid in the future.
  14. AMPed101

    Alex Hancak

    i did it on purpose, now tell me
  15. AMPed101

    Alex Hancak

    I'm curious what happened, anything?