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  1. still have the opteka?? got money text me 251-586-2714
  2. danielskates

    Manybrand Or Peleng And Cam Caddie

    cmon i think ill have the money tonight help me out
  3. danielskates

    Manybrand Or Peleng And Cam Caddie

    got about 230 in a couple days so hmu i wanna have a solid deal by then
  4. Possible trade for a 60d?
  5. danielskates


    i have a 60d, mke400 18-55 and a brand new 50mm 1.8 i would like to trade my setup for an hd cam that isnt a dslr and i can throw cash on top aswell I wouldnt mind selling the setup im open to offers
  6. i was gonna offer my setup, but i wouldnt want it to go to someone who is such a fucking idiot.lol
  7. danielskates

    Wtb 60d/7d/5d Mk Ii

    ive got a 60d if your interested homie
  8. danielskates

    For Sale: Hvx200 With Accessories

    60d + cash possibly?
  9. danielskates

    Wtb Multiple Canon Dslr Items!

    i also have a 50mm 1.8 lol
  10. danielskates

    Wts/wtt: Dvx100b Mk2 Setup

    60d kit and 50mm you add cash
  11. danielskates

    Tamron 17-50 2.8 Vc For Canon

    how much cash i have to add with a kit?