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  1. Hey guys, Would love to know what you think about this promo for the premiere of my video that I recently finished. Filmed in Washington DC and Baltimore.
  2. Short montage i made while filming for a full length. Pleaseeee check it out and let me know what you guys think criticism appreciated
  3. my friends sean and tony killed this rail! warming up!
  4. hdeeznuts

    Video Daze - Promo

    I had never seen yours before but theres also a video called "florida daze" apparently that i didnt know about either. whatever man theyre all different enough! my original title was "east toast" but someone already made a full length with that title back in 2005 :/ discovering that on youtube sucked haha
  5. hdeeznuts

    Video Daze - Promo

    Exported the text first so it was just plain video and then applied the twitch
  6. Been working on this video for a while now. Please and let me know what you think!
  7. hdeeznuts

    Philly Lines!

    my friend john's lines at william penn high school in philly!
  8. hdeeznuts

    Dirt Inside Mk1

    All my fisheye footage has had 2 black dots in the bottom left corner for like 3 months now. I have thoroughly cleaned the front and back of my lens almost everyday. this stuff definitely isnt a scratch on the lens and its definitely not on either of the external sides. How can i get it out?? also, is there any chance the specks arent on my mk1 but are actually inside my camera's lens? Theyre toward the bottom left area of the screen and are especially visible in the line at 0:20 in
  9. feel free to comment/critique
  10. hdeeznuts

    Epic Promo

    please no skatepark footage!!
  11. hdeeznuts

    Footage Inside Titles?

    pretty easy to do in fcp using composite modes. im not on my own computer right now so i can't look but if i remember correctly you just put the footage on top of the text and change it's composite mode to travel matte alpha? might be luma but you'll figure it out. let me know if this worked
  12. hdeeznuts

    Video Name!

    how about ITS AIGHTTTT!
  13. hdeeznuts

    Spring/summer Montage

    sick skating and filming but i just wasnt feeling the song. guess im a h8r