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  1. Mjconrod

    62mm Opteka .3 On Hmc?

    I shot this with an HMC/opteka .3
  2. Mjconrod

    Extreme Fisheye Alternatives?

    I shot this with an HMC150, opteka .3, if that helps. crop and stretch in post, instead of zooming so the vig isn't blurry.
  3. Anyway I can get in on this? I haven't been on here in forever but I've got a bunch of footage I can use.
  4. Mjconrod

    Wtb: Century Xtreme For Hmc/hpx

  5. I am looking to buy a Century Xtreme, for HMC/HPX. Preferably rails included.
  6. Mjconrod

    Wtb: Opteka 72mm .3x Fisheye

    hit me up if youre selling one, I need it as soon as possible, thanks!
  7. Mjconrod

    Wtb: Opteka 72mm .4x Fisheye

    I really want to buy an opteka .4x for my hmc150. let me know if youve got one.
  8. Mjconrod

    Wtb: Opteka 6.5Mm

    i need an opteka fisheye for my t2i quick. anyone have one? text me at 972-765-3778 or pm me
  9. would you sell the ty bag? pm me if you would
  10. Mjconrod

    The Ultimate Fisheye Thread

    dang it that looks so much better than screw
  11. Mjconrod

    The Ultimate Fisheye Thread

    is that hmc40 mk1 a screw or a mod?
  12. Mjconrod

    For Sale Dvc30 Mk1 Screw

    how much for the mk1?
  13. Mjconrod

    Dvc30 Mark I Screw Setup

    how much for the mk1
  14. is this still for sale? if so pm me
  15. Mjconrod

    Final Cut Pro X Marathon

    AE is always gonna look way better though. you can't make the ramp do exactly what you want. it's more of a preset ramp in fcpx