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  1. Seven Days

    After Dark.

    I've put 9 on Flickr from 2 weeks, that's a shit load. I've put a further 60 odd on Facebook, but I'm not gonna share all those with you. Also, it was a family/girlfriend holiday, mainly sat around the pool, wasn't there to 'shoot'. It was the shadow of the leaves I was focusing on, more than the colour temperatures.
  2. Seven Days

    After Dark.

    No wun?
  3. Seven Days


    More from France, more 'street' orientated than the other ones Thoughts plz xxx
  4. Seven Days

    After Dark.

    Went to France for 2 weeks, not far from Carcassonne, stupidly picturesque villages & mountains. More here ambient/natty light Thoughts please xxx
  5. Seven Days


    3 from three separate occasions this year, overlooked them until now, any thoughts?
  6. Seven Days

    Whoa D60

    #1 is kinda cool in a weird-abstract distorted body kinda way, very flat.
  7. Seven Days


    Shot these last night, a mate came along to hold the light/bat. Basically doing a series on door staff in my city, I think they get a bad rep, I do a lot of flyering outside of clubs/venues and see the shit they have to deal with. Hoping to show them in a better light I guess. Was quite an interesting challenge forcing yourself to approach them though, it's very rare I ask people before taking a photo. I've got quite a few more, struggling to get it down to 3, would appreciate if you'd check out the 5 I've put up on Flickr. Gentleman's Club Fleece
  8. Seven Days


    #2 has a bit of a Gummo feel to it.
  9. Seven Days

    Recent Stuff

    #3 for me, though they all had potential. Would've preferred if the vertical was vertical, or no where near. It's too close to not be (if that makes any sense)
  10. Seven Days


    Interesting, almost didn't upload #3, thought it would be a bit too ambiguous for people, though that's what I was going for. Cheers. Yes the purple is what I was going for lol, messed around with the composition but this was the only way I could shoot in (I was on a higher level than them) without including lots of distracting elements. I tried to simplify it down to the key pieces, the color, don't think they faces would have added anything. Understand it's a bit tight for most people but wanted to try out something a bit more dynamic than just rule of thirds or some shit, trying to use the full frame. Comments appreciated though. Here's a few more from the trip; futbol Korean?
  11. Seven Days

    Lost And Found

    I like to see #1 desaturated, perhaps burn the sky in a bit more too. #2 would have really benefited from a longer lens but I like what you managed to capture. Shame the context of it doesn't really show as you described it.
  12. Seven Days


    Went to Barcelona for a week with my family, here's what I got up to. Parr-celona #1 Parrcelona #2 There's a few more on Flickr & a few more to uploadd still, can I put them in subsequent posts? Thoughts?
  13. Seven Days

    The Past And Pending

    Love the 1st and third, the red in #3 totally makes the comp, it shouldn't work but it does.
  14. Seven Days

    Ishod & Nick

    The colours are super nasty in these, turn down the saturation mang
  15. Seven Days

    Windows Cont.

    More creepin' on people thru windows BIG. Not sure if I posted this 1 already? 25 windows Thoughts?