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  1. zacklehans


    I get where you're coming from with #2, it's a work in progress concept for me. I will tell you tho, I made a print that's ~4x2ft and it looks pretty sick. I'm sitting on a pile of similar style photos that I'm aiming to get printed out big af.
  2. zacklehans

    Random Photo Discussion

    Jake J and I were just talking about this place and 2 weeks later here it is. Glad it's back.
  3. zacklehans


    I don't shoot film anymore.
  4. zacklehans

    Pacified At The Pacific

    Man these photos fall into that category of "sentimental because I know the subjects" But I dig them because I understand that shit. I feel like that's the only kind of shit I shoot personally now.
  5. zacklehans

    Caring Is Creepy

    From my trip to Ontario a few weeks ago. From my road trip to Florida I took over last spring break (iPhone 5s). More from both are on Flickr.
  6. zacklehans

    Perfect World

    Long time, no see boiz. I need to do this more often, I've been slackin'. Lemme hear your feedback. Bonuz
  7. zacklehans

    Random Photo Discussion

    Oh man, I haven't been on here in far too long. Who here has a genuine interest in photojournalism? I think it's a very interesting branch of photography that I've been pretty immersed in for the past year or so. Just wondering if anyone would be interested if I made a thread related to the discussion of photojournalism. I for sure would have been super interested a few years back and there's a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to learn about it if it hasn't been my job for the past year. If there isn't a whole ton of interest, I'm not gonna bother with the thread.
  8. I'm doing Mike's. This one just came up recently on my Tumblr feed and I think it's a pretty rad portrait, even if it is a selfie. This is my favorite photo I took in 2013
  9. zacklehans

    Sp Secret Santa 2k13

    I don't check this site enough anymore and I missed this Sad.
  10. zacklehans

    Random Photo Discussion

    So I sent in an application for a summer internship for the Denver Post. It sounds so fuckin awesome. I'd make over $5k in 10 weeks and get tons of experience doing real photojournalistic shit. I'm pumped. And I dunno, I feel like I have a shot at actually getting it. I had a banger resume and what I felt were good shots from my current newspaper job. Decisions are made in December.
  11. zacklehans

    Random Photo Discussion

    Guys go through your favorites on Flickr. I bet you have some sick shots in there that you forgot existed and they'll get you stoked.
  12. zacklehans

    Tour Of Excellence V.4

    Ethan ur good
  13. zacklehans

    Random Photo Discussion

    Pm me if there's any of my photos you'd want a print of. I'll send yah one.
  14. zacklehans

    Give Me A Good Critique

    I wasn't intending to be hostile, so I apologize. I'm not pouncing on your or anyone else's "style". I used the word lie before but, as Shane pointed out, deceit is a better word. I find it unethical. I get my opinion from standard photojournalistic ethics and digitally altering an image is a guaranteed way to lose all credibility as a photojournalist. I feel very strongly about that.