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  1. Campbell

    A Big Drop In...

    Comp is super pretty and would please our man in Holland VirtualLife (is he still here?) Furthermore, am I not a Mod anymore?
  2. Campbell

    Varial Kickflip

    Dette er vakkert!
  3. Campbell

    Manrail Larry Kickflip Crooks

    Zander, you jack-of-all-trades, look at you going and being better at this too! Fuck.
  4. Campbell

    Shooter Mcgavin

    Yeah, lighting can be a bitch in such tight quarters. I would recommend bouncing it off of something that is off-frame, or even using an umbrella. Otherwise, I like almost everything else. Maybe even go a little looser on the comp?
  5. Campbell

    Busted Rail

    If you are going to use this composition (which I hope you do because I like it a lot) I would recommend doing something more interesting with the left half of the frame, which seems a bit dull and underexposed to be justified. I think if you dialed down your exposure (and adjusted your flashes accordingly), you would get a lot more ambient activity and a more interesting photo. I'd also tweak your flash placement a bit, just to get some more variance on the subject and clear up those shadowy inner leg areas.
  6. Campbell

    Bet Yall Motherfuckers Missed Me

    Jail. Or just college. One of the two, but who can remember...
  7. Then again, maybe not. First skate photos in about two years...be gentle...
  8. Campbell


    [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2385/2191395325_dbe272158a_o.jpg[/img] eep.
  9. Campbell

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    I knew this topic would be hot shit We pretty much dress like this every day.
  10. Campbell

    Skate Perceptions Top Shots

    Of course not. But I am.
  11. Campbell

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    Picture I nabbed of Baby B recently. It doesn't do him justice but I think it's funny.
  12. Campbell

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    Smallfry, I can take this down if you want... (Myspace photo)
  13. Campbell

    Pictures Of Skateperception Og's

    I'ma huge dork. That sweater is cashmere btw.
  14. This is such a VX1_Skate thing to do, but I thought it would be cool to have a thread of pictures of SP's photographers. I was struggling at first with the whole "let the work speak for them" concept, but I really really really wanna know what Pete and Tim look like, so whaddya say?
  15. Fuckin make it easy on yourself dude and post a link to it, this PM shit is plain uneccessary...