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  1. apatterson

    Crook & Feeble

    thanks for the advice ill definitely be trying to reshoot that first spot soon.
  2. apatterson

    Crook & Feeble

    thanks dude but what do you mean? i feel like between the pillars was one of my only options for that shot, but let me know what you think I could have done differently.
  3. If anyone has one of these and would be willing to sell hit me up on here thanks
  4. apatterson

    Full T2I Setup!

    any chance you would split that rokinon?
  5. apatterson

    Crook & Feeble

    Just a few shots from a day of skating last week. this is my first time shooting legitimate skateboarding so hopefully there will be more to come this summer. let me know what you think of these. Myles Willard - bs feeble --- one flash on the flat ...and a bs boardslide bigspin --- this time natural light Myles Willard again - bs crooked --- also natural light Crooked alternate angle Crooked fisheye angle
  6. apatterson

    Canon T2i W/ Extras

    i might be down to pick up the rest if kenoskater buys the view and grip
  7. apatterson

    Front Feeble

    fuck yeah this is a vast improvement from your last post. pretty solid shot. one thing I would say is that you could get a little lower next time to have a bit more landing and make it look a little bigger. lighting is alright, I think you could use another flash behind the skater though. nice work
  8. apatterson

    Rainy Day

    yeah third is was definitely my favorite, I'm pretty excited to go back and reshoot it when I get home. also yeah the distortion is because i was shooting with the shitty 18-105 kit lens but thank god I got rid of it. I guess the first isn't doing much of what I thought it was. thanks for the input
  9. apatterson

    Hard Flip

    just cropped it to landscape to get rid of that unnecessary space
  10. apatterson

    Rainy Day

    C&C appreciated.
  11. apatterson

    Big Ol' Ollie

    so sick. get him to grab tucknee or something next time. also the lack of detail in his pants is kinda annoying. if this is digital I would just go over his legs with a fill light brush or something, dope shot though
  12. apatterson


    yeah get rid of the flare and also the color gradient? just keep shooting and don't edit so much
  13. apatterson

    Billy Bottoms Backlip

    first of all this is gnarly and looks like good timing but also could be a much better shot with some proper lighting. the bank is really distracting as it is more lit than the skater. So much potential at this spot..would be sick to get a shot of someone going over the rail into that bank.
  14. apatterson

    Edge Of The Rockies

    http://www.flickr.co...tream/lightbox/ <--bigger is better critiques please I'm trying to do more of this in the next couple weeks
  15. apatterson

    Bs Smith

    i think this could be really dope if you went in the street and framed him against the white wall (and made him put on a different shirt) but still got the sidewalk/street in the frame. not a bad shot though