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  1. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtt Vx1000/mk1 For Dvx100b/mk2

    I have had my vx1000 for a good amount of time. I feel like it is time for a change. I am looking for a dvx100b/mk2 with everything i need to film (at least 2 batteries, charger, and lens). Please PM me if anyone wants to trade!
  2. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb:sony Vx_000

    i have a mint vx1000 for $600. We can work something out PM me please!!
  3. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Mint Dvx100a/opteka + More

    would you trade for a vx1000 mint?
  4. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb: Eazy Handle

    I am looking for an Eazy Handle for my t3i hmu if you have one cash in hands!
  5. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb Vx2000

    hey my friends got one thats mint as a bitch for 600 or less and a ramod for 100bucks so the setup for 700!! maybe less!
  6. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Vx2000 Fisheye Help

    dude i would get a raynox just ask around
  7. milwaukeefx7filmer


    i am looking for a vx1000/mk1. i only have 800bucks to spend. i would like atleast 2 batteries and a case maybe.
  8. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Vx1000, Two Cases, Mk1 Death

    buy it for 800 right now i have the money ready to give to you and i just want everything exept the hard case?
  9. milwaukeefx7filmer


    ill do it
  10. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb Xbox360 A Cheap One

    pm me
  11. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb Xbox360 A Cheap One

    i got one ill sell for 100
  12. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Wtb Fx 1 Or Fx 7

    i will sell an fx7 mint everthing working everything batteries lens hood tapes and charger for 1900! pm me i will do it! i will negotiate a lower price if necisary.
  13. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Fs: Mk1 Bayo

    i will buy pm me i have money
  14. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Some Park Clips

    i didnt its just hard to hear
  15. milwaukeefx7filmer

    Sony Hdr-fx7 Or Panasonic Ag-dvx100a?

    thanks matt