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  1. Chris12345

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    Yeah, the amount of spam and trolling on here's ridiculous... or maybe I'm just not down with 'the kids' any more
  2. Chris12345

    Broken Fibula Recovery

    Oh, and I paid for an hour of professional physio once a week for 4 weeks, it seemed like it was helping, but obviously I have no idea how it'd have been without it!
  3. Chris12345

    Broken Fibula Recovery

    Disclaimer: I'm not a fucking doctor! I broke my fibula in 3 places and fucked the ligaments a couple of years ago, and still have a metal pin on it to this day. BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE (again, as people have said, your doctors done med school, if you can get advice off him, take it) the pain is normal... I wore a break boot when doing any sort of 'serious' activity for a month or so, going to concerts and the like, to avoid any damage while the calf muscle is still weak... no idea how long you've had a cast for but I had mine for 6/7weeks and there was A ALOT of muscle wastage. As for exercises... Calf raises. Lots and lots of calf raises. This (kinda cheesy and homosexual) video will show you how to do them http://www.5min.com/Video/How-To-Gain-Stre...-Raises-6184787 I thiiink (I might be wrong) did sets of 20 several times a day. Also, there'll be a lot of stiffness between your metatarsals, I can't remember what the name of it was, but basically get 2 of your metatarsals and manipulate them for 30 seconds, wriggling them about, then move to the next set and do the same... I can't really think of a way how to explain this... it's basically just wiggling your foot. Basically, there's no 'quick solution', it's just a case on trying to get on as best you can... if the pain is unbearable I'd go back to your doctor... I was in pain but it wasn't too bad as I was on Codeine, I have no idea what or what strength of anything you've been prescribed. I'd also recommend laying off any contact sports (unfortunately including skating) until you feel 100%... my mate went back on a board at 90% after fucking his ankle and broke it again in the exact same place like 2 weeks later... also if you intend on drinking or drugging I'd recommend wearing a break boot as you're a lot more liable to fuck it. I'd also get a fabric support for everyday use just to give it a bit of help. But yeah, exercise and being careful, as crap as it sounds. Again, I'M NOT A DOCTOR, I'd really recommend getting pro help (but unfortunately that costs in USA... long live the NHS!) but this is what I did and now my leg is 95% functional and I can do sport and stuff... just occasionally gets a bit fucked cos I've got the plate!
  4. Chris12345

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    Haha, the n00bs know not to mess with the OGs!
  5. Chris12345

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    Has anyone still got those webcams videos of a topless Grandman?
  6. Chris12345

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    You're OG if you're either under 1k or were on DigitalSkate... Good to see some familiar faces... hope everyone is well and whatever! And yeah, the progression scares me... the standard now is soooo much higher, the quality of the skating, the editing, the filming, and the average set up (although not sure that's a good thing... half the fun was cutting your teeth on your parents crappy Hi8 with a clip on lens filming your mate kickflip down a 4 set then editing it in WMM with a star wipe or whatever! )
  7. Chris12345

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    I remember you too! This place is insane, it really amazes me how big this place has become... it used to be just a couple of hundred video nerds talking about ramped slow mos... now there's like, 50k members, it's friggin insane!
  8. Chris12345

    New Years Resolutions

    Do it, best decision I ever made... don't bother with any 'methods' or books... just literally stop after your current pack. If you've got a few packs left, get rid, otherwise yeah, just save the few you have in your pack for when you're really irritable... then when you're done, you're done... you'll be a complete arsehole for a few days after your last one but in the long run it's worth it, and if you tell your mates you're being an arsehole cos you're quitting they'll understand. But yeah, do it!
  9. Ahoy So yes, I occasionally wander back here... any one else from 'back in the day' still here? Chris (I'd give it all up for SkateLove)
  10. Chris12345

    I Need A Bigger Size Of Condom

    Just come to terms with the size...
  11. Chris12345

    I Need A Bigger Size Of Condom

    Or he just needs to come to terms with the size of his cock?
  12. Chris12345

    New Years Resolutions

    To occasionally check up on SP and see just how big it's become!
  13. Glad to see some things never change
  14. Oh, and cheers for the spot recommendations, but I ain't Skated since I got a big ass metal plate in my leg, and the mates I'm going with never skated... although wouldn't mind going to some of the famous spots just to chill (yeah, and be the sort of tit I used to hate when I skated ) and so I can watch skate videos and be all like 'ooo I've been there'
  15. Cheers, thanks a lot! Don't worry about being honest, it's what I'm looking for! As American's this is probably stupid basic stuff! And yeah, thanks everyone for your suggestions! Looks like we're gonna have to get international licenses, which sucks, cos getting a license in the UK is retardedly expensive! And what's American public transport like... I only have experience of it in NYC, but compared to what we have in Europe, it was a bit confusing! Will all the major cities have tram/metro networks... also with the distances involved between cities I imagine traveling between states is quite expensive? Cheers for your help guys, I know this is all pretty basic stuff, but it's quite hard to Google shit like this! Also yeah, we thought about Motels, but our experience (based on TV shows) is that they're all full of dead bodies and hookers With a hostel you get a fair bit of socioableness, you meet a lot of other people traveling and whatnot which is cool... we're keen to try and aviod couch-surfing after a couple of mates had a few 'issues' with it last summer in New Orleans!