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  1. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

    No. and its just something out of one of my videos. I have come to the conclution I have been scammed, what should i do first? can I get my money back?
  2. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

  3. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

    --> QUOTE(James B @ Dec 12 2011, 09:39 AM) 4001359[/snapback] I recognize the name as being unlegit. I might just be making it up though. Hopefully I'm wrong. I hope not man, if I have been scammed what do i do? like, how do I get my money back... or...
  4. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

    --> QUOTE(James B @ Dec 8 2011, 04:40 PM) 3999576[/snapback] It's possible that it is taking 2 months to get to you. It all depends on their shipping methods. Which user sold it to you? TheManJUSTIN http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showuser=50219
  5. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

    --> QUOTE(James B @ Dec 6 2011, 08:39 AM) 3998212[/snapback] It took like a month for 2 small paintings and some stickers to get from Canada to me in northern America. So it's entirely possible. possible of what?
  6. Please Help, Give Me Your Opinions!

    hey guys. So I was contacted through perception about a two months or so ago with an offer to buy a vx1000. I bought the camera. The guy claimed he was going to send me a picture of the posting receipt but i still haven't received it. He said he called the posting company to see what is up with it and why the camera is taking so long to get to me hes reply was "The camera is on it's way. They said it left the US a while ago and it's processing outside of the country right now. I'm not even close to my home to send you receipt information." it is now going on two months and i still dont have the camera, do you think i've been scammed? shipping from America to Australia, how long should it take? am i worrying too much? help me out! - thanks
  7. Anyone on YouTube who is really under rated with awesome covers?
  8. Love It Or Hate It

    Never had it? but whos to judge... love emo bitches?
  9. Best Video Parts

    shane o'neill - not another transworld video
  10. Love It Or Hate It

    dont know <.<
  11. Love It Or Hate It

    ^ im not really to sure, is that a band? :s
  12. Love It Or Hate It

    fuck yeah ^ love
  13. Love It Or Hate It

    BUMP dont let this dieZ!
  14. Full Length Promo

    anything elce?