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  1. DGKall2010

    Jake Miller Street Part

    I added a suttel vignette but its feathered out and its not supposed to look remotely like fisheye vignette. idk the other vigs that you might be thinking is the dvc30 and the dvx vig?? idk but either way thanks for the feedback.
  2. The only clips I actually filmed in this are the VX2 clips, all the rest are vx1,dvx, and dvc30 footage... footage of my friend jake miller some clips are pretty old and a handful are from 2013. He rips and although i did edit, this the part is more focused on the skating than the filming/editing i'd say. sharing to get the views up and help my homie get out there. thanks yall
  3. any critiques welcome. sub if you liked it for more. thanks
  4. DGKall2010

    Santino Johnson Street Part

    final bump.. just wanna get the views up but any feedbacks appreciated
  5. Here's a street part I edited and filmed(for the most part). Decided to throw out all of this footage to begin anew and start from scratch for a video I'm workin on. Critique welcome even though alot of these clips are pretty old haha.
  6. DGKall2010

    2 Pairs Of Floral Janoskis Size 10 And 11 Cheap

    I have money for the size 11's. get back to me i pm'd you
  7. super old footage, threw this in a lil edit. the real shit is on the way subscribe if your feelin it thanks everyone!
  8. DGKall2010

    Hvx200, Vx1000, 2 Vx2000s

    whats good with vx2 batteries you down to split one?
  9. DGKall2010

    Century Mk2 Fisheye

    still noone with a mk2? i got the cash
  10. DGKall2010

    Century Mk2 Fisheye

    Here's a picture of the mk1 intermediate. At this point, I'd just try and sell it to get the money needed for what people are asking for their mk2's. If anyone has 100 dollars plus shipping out there i'd take it. The scratches on it usually never really shows up that bad, but the last 2 images kind of show how bad it can be. Like i said, it usually doesnt show and when it does its when area of scratch is pointed directly into the sun.
  11. DGKall2010

    Century Mk2 Fisheye

    cmon man i know people got mk2's out there they aint want
  12. DGKall2010

    Vx2000 Mkii

    inboxing you now.