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  1. [media=720x1280] [/media] Nothing but serious business...
  2. Hold up, let me hit my nigga Drake up and dispute this audio claim. Edit: There you go, now you have something to be salty about.
  3. Somebodies gotta cut themselves
  4. Chicks dig scars dude
  5. Lets not turn it into that, cause i know my dad's dick is bigger than yours
  6. Haha, sucked enough for you to have to reply. If you were so core, you wouldn't bother. Enjoy your 9000 useless posts on this forgotten website. You're like the coolest retard. P.S. My dad was too busy huffing gas to love me.
  7. No it's called being actually constructive you sad boi. People can't take necessarily what you say right if you don't put it into context, it's like your dad when he beats your ass for you not knowing which beer was his favorite. Apparently you're just applying that to life. Someone called you on being hard for the sake of being hard and you get butt hurt like it's your first boy george concert? Why don't you elaborate next time, instead of you trying to seem so hard.
  8. vx1klove

    Ridin Thru The 6 With My Woes

    trillest in the game... Praise the six god!
  9. Don't feed the troll dude... He's just bein a fuck boi. Song was fine, do whatever the fuck ya want. I do agree with him on some shit though, filler can be a great thing like you said adding to the overall atmosphere of an edit. But In this case, it gave off the impression that you sporadically filmed some filler clips with no forethought and then threw them onto the timeline. If you know what song you're gonna use next time you make an edit, listen to it a few times and think of some b-roll clips that will add to the aesthetic of the track you wanna edit to. Also personally I thought it maybe been a bit over saturated, but that could be what you're going for. But either way, Overall filming wise it looked pretty tight dude. Keep it up.
  10. [media=1280x720]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YprE03EH51c [/media] "Givenchy, my toes, my bros, and my hoes... " Remixed and Reuploaded for your hating purposes...
  11. [media=1280x720] [/media]Riding by: Marco Gooding, Chuckie Branciforte, Eric Buczek, Matt Sorrano, Jameson Lecomte, Christian Batthany, Tim Bloom, Colton Boehlke, Erich Stefanzick, and Cory Rudolph Filming and Editing by: Christian Batthany Additional Filming by: Chuckie Branciforte