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  1. filmthisvinny

    Better Days Premier Promo

    fuck yeah those are my bros that is all
  2. filmthisvinny

    The "what Song Is This" Thread

    surfer blood - anchorage
  3. filmthisvinny

    Thrasher Covers

    march 1990
  4. filmthisvinny

    The Film Thread

    how is filming it off the wall from a projector compared to getting it digitized?
  5. filmthisvinny

    Is Danny Way A Narcissist?

    danny is super human even if he was full of him self.. who cares
  6. filmthisvinny

    Usko Beanie Is Here!

    man every one is so negative
  7. filmthisvinny

    The Official Berrics Thread

    berra is just doing what a lot of businesses does. he sugar coats the advertisements n there are always bells and whistles on the final product. how ever, i really respect what he did for nick.. and who ever ryan roofner is. it seems like he helps all skaters with problems that e-mail him their story. that's really cool.
  8. filmthisvinny

    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    daskatechannel is a huge joke kid and that interview was taken off something and he edited it. he messaged me talking shit cause he cant take a criticism on youtube.. and i think he is like 26.. weird
  9. filmthisvinny

    Flip Extremely Sorry Video

    i think geoff had a lot of tricks that you would have to be at the spot to understand since the spots were a lot of steeps and wallrides, etc. by the way i answered your question about who the drop in is
  10. filmthisvinny

    Flip Extremely Sorry Video

    hm i dont see how you guys think really sorry was better trickwise i think it was who ever's name geoff wrote on his hand in the clip after the drop in.. jimmy boyes
  11. filmthisvinny

    Flip Extremely Sorry Video

    i thought rowleys part was fuckin sick, maybe people dont understand it because all his tricks were pretty technical and original but whatever, to each his own.. and boulala is my favorite skater so i loved his part, wasnt all that incredible though
  12. filmthisvinny

    What Happened To Sp?

    they're at the point you were at one time. they aren't trying to be funny
  13. filmthisvinny

    Camera Tiltations

    well that's no good