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  1. Armando

    Ollie With A Reverse Bw

    reverse bw/ black and white filter on photoshop. And I've been teaching myself how to photoshop lately and I thought I'd try the selective coloring. I don't exactly have a professional camera, so I wanted to make up for lack of hardware by overediting.
  2. Armando

    Ollie With A Reverse Bw

    Shot with a gopro (noob, I know), edited in photoshop. There is something strange going on with the color on the edge of the front leg, but it's like that because of the shadow I believe, since the affected area is blue/the sky EDIT: added more pics.
  3. Armando

    New Montage

    http://youtu.be/Qmm4Sj7Io9E I know the filming is atrocious at some times... My friends and I switch off filming. But what about the editing? Good, bad, ugly?
  4. Armando

    Winter Skateboarding

    It was my friend, and I got kind of mad at him for it. He likes do weird things with the camera, and this time it went too far...
  5. Armando

    Whats The Best Consumer Hd Camcorder

    I have a Canon Vixia (HF m30) and I love it.
  6. How is it? BTW I didn't do all of the filming, my friend and I switched off. http://vimeo.com/34815840
  7. Armando

    Mid Summer Skate-tage

    good idea, thanks!
  8. Armando

    Mid Summer Skate-tage

    thanks. steady shot was off, but for some reason it still jiggles a little bit. also, its annoying taking off the hood because the cover wont go on without it. (Opteka baby death) my friend filmed some of it too.
  9. Armando

    Fcpx Ramp Audio Loss

    well, yeah, but I was wondering if there was a way to get audio for super slow mo's.
  10. Armando

    Updating Imovie

    this is what the newest version requires http://www.apple.com/ilife/systemrequirements.html You might beable to get a download of imovie hd though
  11. If I'm doing a ramped slow mo, or any other slow mo, once the speed gets below 36%, the audio is lost. Ive tried to separate the audio and video and do separate ramps on each, but I still get no audio below 36%. Anyone else having this problem? If so, is there any fix? Thanks
  12. Armando

    Park Montage

    its 16:9 yeah, the flare was a little wack.