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    Let me give you my experience these last 8 months with roommates: Roommate #1: Nice enough guy, smoked A LOT of weed and was constantly dabbing in the room. This could get exhausting but he'd usually give me a dab or smoke me out because he felt bad about doing it in the room. This proved to be a pretty solid roommate situation, we had a good relationship. He was a religious person which I wasn't and sometimes he'd bring all that Jesus stuff into the room and that got annoying but I always felt like I could talk to him if I was ever bothered with anything he was doing. That dorm hall was going to be renovated so I had to move out at some point before Spring Quarter so I decided to move out ASAP so that I wouldn't be attached. Roommate #2: Easily my most enjoyable roommate. After moving away from Jesus-Dab Guy I lived with this kid who sold weed and would smoke me out as compensation for selling weed out of the room. We had a very functional relationship. We'd talk whenever we had any problems and we had similar lifestyles. I think this is a very important thing. Similar lifestyles are important, the only issue is that if you're both borderline drug addicts as we were, it could be a problem. Neither of us got much done because we were constantly smoking weed or getting trashed and we sort of promoted this behavior for each other. Perhaps luckily he moved out after four weeks of me being there because he had already requested a transfer before I moved in. Roommate #3: Didn't know this roommate. He moved in on a Sunday night, I was back home until Monday morning. On that Sunday night he apparently got blacked out drunk and tried to have sex with multiple girls and got himself arrested. Bye Tyler. Roommate #4: Japanese exchange student who's an inconsiderate piece of shit. Comes in every weeknight at 1:30-2:30 AM and then leaves and reenters multiple times, waking me up. Then his alarm goes off at 7:15 and he does the same thing. I've asked him to quiet down and make it VERY clear that he's waking me up in the morning but he doesn't seem to care. I've only got one week left so.... My point behind all this is that it is impossible to have a perfect roommate situation but some are more enjoyable than others.... Well I just scrolled up and read what you wrote pun and realized that my post has nothing to do with that, I was making assumptions based off the thread title. Sorry fam but I put too much work into this to delete it.
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    Washington Oaks

    Any beach in everett and ur gonna get the other side of the sound in the photograph that said, sick photos
  4. robbymercer

    Das How Dat Shit Go

    I saw this on tumblr then immediately came to sp and saw it again
  5. anyone here into this guy? he releases music under this name and "coma cinema". up until recently all his shit was free on bandcamp but now he charges $5+, whatever. his upcoming album which i preordered on vinyl appears (based off of singles) to be most excellent. bruises is my favorite
  6. robbymercer

    Insta F4f?

    __roasted follow fam edit: my insta is honestly probably not interesting to anybody unless you know me and my friends
  7. i think the more pressing q is where is goob?
  8. robbymercer

    Vans Propeller

    guess i aint buyin
  9. robbymercer

    Vans Propeller

    will only purchase if there is a standalone dill part edit: a dill/AVE part would suffice
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    Vx1k Mk1 Shirt

    Can I fit an opteka on it???? edit: like would this fit
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    ahh shut up
  12. Can we all acknowledge how fucking awful and cringeworthy channels like majer, Andy Schrock, Chris Chann etc. are? I have no issue with the progression of skateboarding but something about this sort of channel, especially majer for some reason, really pisses me off. They're taking the spontanaity and creativity out of skateboarding. I'm really fucking tired of the countless unboxing, 5 on flat, day in the life, 8 YEAR OLD SWITCH TRES 20 STAIR OMG RIDICULOUS videos. This video is the epitome of youtube kook k im done edit: I should add that the above video is amazing dont get me wrong. But the presentation is horrendous and represents all that is wrong with modern mainstream skateboarding imo
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    This really bums me out. Even though I never really knew him or conversed with him I did see his posting and it was pretty clear he had some personal troubles. I hope they weren't the reason he passed away. RIP
  14. robbymercer

    Which Hi-8 Or Minidv Should I Buy?

    There is quite literally no reason to buy a hi8 camera besides b-roll a $30 minidv is going to be more useful than a $300 hi8 camera and to be honest you should go digital and get a dslr or other relatively inexpensive card camera
  15. robbymercer

    Jack Fardell

    pussy didnt even hold through the kink