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  1. COGskatemedia

    Night life

    first one is too good
  2. COGskatemedia

    50 up and over, fs slide, bs crooks

    all are sick! i agree with what's above. i would like to see the powerslide with a slower shutter speed. i feel like some motion blur could tell the trick better.
  3. COGskatemedia

    3 year break - 3 photos

    thanks zig!
  4. COGskatemedia

    3 year break - 3 photos

    glad to have sp back. here are some b-side 35mm shots taken over the past year. 1) tony gomez - nosegrind. taken with the assist from kyle thompson's flashes. ricoh gr1s / kentmere 400 +3 2) donny stock - fs big. m6 + 35 cron / neopan 400 3) adam howard - kickflip. m6 + 50 lux / kentmere 400
  5. COGskatemedia

    Zenitar 16mm Fisheye For Nikomat Ft?

    i contemplated on buying the zenitar due to the price, but I did the same thing as you, i bought the 12mm rokinon. if you're shooting on film and want a cheap fish get the zenny but if you're shooting digital get the rokinon. it's definitely worth the extra $300 or whatever.
  6. COGskatemedia

    Vx1000 Batteries And Chargers

    I've only used the OG sony charger, but for batteries, I bought vx2 batteries and cut groves in the sides so it would fit in the vx1. it's a little crafty but it works.
  7. COGskatemedia

    Post Yourself Skating

    wallie into the quarter. shot by my friend kyle thompson
  8. COGskatemedia

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    12mm 2.8 rokinon fish for my 5d3. I also got a voigtlander bessa-r body and a 35mm 2.5 color-skopar. really stoked on that.
  9. COGskatemedia

    Some Stuff

    the x100 doesn't have any IS. I messed around with the third photo so much trying to make most of the lines straight as possible and that was my best result. The left side of the center beam is super crooked and that kills. I shot the original photo vertical to get a second set of windows above him in shot, but it was too loose of a comp for my liking. maybe if I shot the way I cropped I could of gotten something better.
  10. COGskatemedia

    Some Stuff

    random stuff from the past couple months. all shot with a fuji x100.
  11. COGskatemedia


    1 and 2 are awesome. good eye
  12. COGskatemedia

    Canon 60d Setup

  13. COGskatemedia

    Canon 60d Setup

    thanks babe. I have a canon 60d setup for sale. the set up includes the body, peleng 8mm 3.5, 24mm 2.8 stm, eazy handle v2, audiotechnica mic, and a cn-160 light. everything is in great condition, I currently have it up on ebay as an auction, and the description has all the detail on the items. I will upload photos later, I'm currently at work so refer to the ebay page for right now. the whole kit is $900 shipped, but I'm willing to split items if the price is right. text me for easier communication. 313-670-9784. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Canon-60D-18MP-DSLR-Filming-Setup-MUST-SEE-MINT-Skateboarding-Eazy-Handle-V2-8mm-/151813170019?nav=SEARCH
  14. still looking for a setup?
  15. COGskatemedia

    Wtb Manybrand 8mm Canon Mount

    looking for a manybrand cause the peleng isn't cutting it. I'm never on here, so shoot me a text. (313)670-9784.