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  1. Also have a hypland 5 panel that has a black suede bill and a shiny gold dragon all over print. Not sure for price on that one
  2. Size 10 janoskis black with a turbo blue/green tounge skated them once... $50 shipped. Size L huf tee grey with pocket that has a design on it. $10 shipped

    Wtb Trv Setup

    I'll consider any camera setup hit me up

    Wtb Trv Setup

    looking to buy a cheap fully functional trv9_0 with a fisheye and all the goods. let me know if any of you have one for sale. thanks.
  5. has a little mic sag, otherwise great condition. no tape glitches, never played back on, etc. comes with 6 new tapes, 3 batteries, decent size attachable light, firewire cable, and an opteka deathlens. looking for $350 SOLD

    For Sale Thread.

    whatever aint sold besides the shoes i want for a chill price

    Fs: New Vans Type 2 Size 9 *new Colorway Not Out Yet*

    503-278-6091 I'll take em man
  8. Tswift and iPod for $35 if your down pm me paypal ready
  9. I'll paypal you $50 shipped for bottom right supreme if your down
  10. PORTL4ND

    For Sale Thread.

    What is left?
  11. PORTL4ND

    Wtb: Minty Vx_/mk1 Setup..

    Phone is trippin.. Meant to say I'm pending on a purchase.
  12. PORTL4ND

    Wtb: Minty Vx_/mk1 Setup..

    Looking into a clean setup ATM. Waiting on payday tho....
  13. PORTL4ND

    Wtb: Minty Vx_/mk1 Setup..

    ^^ I mean I guess I'm down if it's REALLY clean and you'll take $300 paypal
  14. PORTL4ND

    Wtb: Minty Vx_/mk1 Setup..

    Looking for a clean low hours reliable don't have to ask questions type standard def camera that won't give me any fucking issues, straight up, VX1 Century mark 1z only I'm testing the concrete, only other thing I MIGHT be interested in would be a mint vx2mk1mod type deal. Clean trv setups? Or maybe a DVX century mk2 setup. But that's it. Anyway, I'm willing to pay up to $1000 max. Let me know what you have and with what accessories.. Thanks, Kyle Fiveohthree/278/6091