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  1. I gotta quick question for a title + text effect which I could get it so it appears as if the person is blowing out smoke, but that turns into the title. If that makes any sense, I got the clip of someone blowing out smoke, but coming out of the smoke I want text that looks like smoke. I'm working with FCPX, and I've done it without anything but text and using the clip but it looks pretty crappy so I figured theres a better way about it
  2. dylanpipe

    Quinn Lumsden Season Edit

    My boy is only 16 and killin it, check it out.
  3. I feel like this is an idiotic question, but its because of the update so it has me confused. I want to go back and work on a project that I didn't finish but I can't seem to find where all the projects go on the timeline. I have all the events on the left hand side with all the raw footage but I can't find the edited stuff.
  4. dylanpipe

    Perfect Storm

    My favorite edit yet I think, think many of y'all will enjoy
  5. dylanpipe

    Super 8 Look?

    Do you know which one? there is a lot
  6. dylanpipe

    Super 8 Look?

    haha word, is it good though?
  7. dylanpipe

    Super 8 Look?

    Anyway to get the look of the opening shots without having a super 8 camera?
  8. dylanpipe

    Transworld Transam

    Transam with the homies! was super fun. Hard to get good shots because i had to stay out of judges and the transworld filmers way but I like the edit all in all. lemme hear it
  9. dylanpipe


    Cause he likes wearing one.. I dunno.
  10. dylanpipe


    Couple days over the holidays
  11. dylanpipe

    Opening Days//11

    Bump. critique?
  12. dylanpipe

    Opening Days//11

    Back at it again!
  13. dylanpipe

    Long Lens Camera

    Random- On my MBP I have only like 88 GB free of memory and Im going to be filming here real soon. So I am in need of a external so I can move all of my FCPX crap onto an external. But I've been reading and it seems like a pain in the ass to move footage and project&events seamlessly. First of all I have about 280GB of footage( raw and edits) on my hard drive. So a 1 TB hard drive would be ample room correct? Any brands to especially avoid? So, how exactly would I move basically everything already on FCPX onto a hard drive. And, if I wanted to keep my hard drive semi empty and this year put all my footage on the external also and edited off that, is that easy?
  14. dylanpipe

    Long Lens Camera

    Unfortunately F4 because the F2.8 was significantly was much more expensive but one F stop can't hurt that bad?
  15. dylanpipe

    Long Lens Camera

    whooops. too late I bought a 70-200 last night. But if it really is crappy after I use it, I can just sell it.