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  1. Midwestshred

    Random Photo Discussion

    Geez, rest in peace brother.
  2. Midwestshred

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    santa monica, ca
  3. Midwestshred

    2 Vivitar 285hvs For Sale

    ill take one
  4. Midwestshred

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    i am down!
  5. Midwestshred

    G1 Roll #1 (( Daylight Savings Ugh)

    second one is beautiful, love the dof and the sharpness on the inside of her hair. contax g1
  6. Midwestshred

    Toe V.v Submission Thread

    hey guys sorry for continuing the streak of utterly blowing it. I hope I didn't fuck it too hard. last nite got a bit fahked and I forgot to post feel free to put on your own soundtrack or you can play this wonderful jam by New Order for the masses skate x100 this was shot in san francisco a few weeks ago. This mini is absolutly perfect. I barley skate mini but this one was so fun and I learned so many new tricks on it. I like it a lot up in San Fran the city is nice and the weather is relaxing. portrait kodak star 675 // expired kodak gold 200 My best bud hanging out in the cold water of Lake Michigan. We all had an intense psyedelic experience/epiphany focusing on thw glory of life and love and living. where I live stylus epic // 400tx santa monica, ca The light that comes from the western sky when the sun is setting is so much different than it is in the midwest. I love paying attention to quality of light. This w.as shot in my bedroom. random pentax 6x7 // 400tx // darkroom print Shot this walking around my neighborhood "lookig closer". I am taking an advanced darkroom printing class in college right now and it is teaching me so much. The zone system is a beautiful thing, and I am becoming more and more comfortable with shooting processing and printing my film its really exciting and just fun to still be able to be apart of this beautiful medium. My professor is also so inspiring, I leave every night with new ideas of what to shoot and just the urge to shoot. bonus pentax 6x7 // kodak portra 400 Long exposure in Los Angeles, I am starting to creep around LA at night, should be interesting. bonus 4 all U XA lovers out there ooooo x100 “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” - Don McCullin
  7. Midwestshred


    radical, just a plain unreal shot. love it lets sk8 sometime doggie in in santa monica
  8. Midwestshred

    Mamiya 7

    first is beautiful 6x7 is a great format
  9. Midwestshred

    Farwell Chicago , For Now

    santa monica college
  10. Midwestshred

    Tour Of Excellence V. V - Now With Running Order !

    fuck i wish i coulda been in this ma
  11. Midwestshred

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    I apologize for my last post i was just bummed on someone bashing so hard on photography, and I didnt have much time to respond, anyway.. Photography is a way of being excited for the future. It's a way of taking a moment in life with you into the future. That landscape you looked at after one of the craziest days of your life, you can take with you. I disagree with you that every photo has already been taken. There are infinite photographs waiting to be taken. I agree though a lot of people mindlessly click these days but there is always going to be people that are blowing it. You have to take the good with the bad, and in my opinion the good is great. It organizes my thoughts and always keeps me alert about the world surrounding me.
  12. Midwestshred

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    Quit taking shit so seriously man, find a new hobby cuz you sound like a huge douche ranting about this. the world is a beautiful place, & youre a fuckin kook if you think documenting it is lame!
  13. Midwestshred

    Random Photo Discussion

    yo t2 is so sharp and tite but my focusing always bugs out!! do any of yours do that? and plus when i go to shoot it with flash it freezes up kinda fucked up but i really love it. paid 2 dollars for the epic i have right now but spent 40 twice on getting it fixed. i drop that thing so much because i take it literally everywhere
  14. Midwestshred

    Farwell Chicago , For Now

    i moved to California for school, it was a hard end of the summer saying goodbye and such i found here that the beautiful things in life are more than just a mirage, when i dig deeper into life and out of my comfort zone I find myself the happiest i will always love my friends, these relationships have been fucking amazing in everyway bonus
  15. Midwestshred

    Random Photo Discussion

    just moved 2 LA hmu