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  1. The last bit of footage from 2014, filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can watch more videos of mine at www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  2. I finally got around to film a online video part, which I guess is just the standard of skate video parts these days. This was filmed from this year starting around February to August, and it's also their first video parts! Take a look and let me know what you think! Filmed by Harris Oates More videos of mine can be seen at www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  3. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    This firestore is still for sale at $400. Pictures are provided in the ebay link. Can be used with HPX, HVX, HMC or any other Panasonic camera.
  4. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    Price lowered to $400 on Ebay. Someone that has a HPX, HVX, HMC or any other Panasonic camera, PLEASE BUY THIS!!!!
  5. Go to www.harrisoatesmedia.com to see more videos! It's been a long time since I made a full montage for a lot of reasons. I moved back home from Nashville to Chattanooga at the beginning of the year, the reason for the name of the montage. Even when I know the cities are apart by two hours of driving, I'll never have that feeling back when visiting as I did living there. I hope to connect the two cities together by a common ground, by skateboarding. Follow me on Instagram (@harrisoates) to see throwaway footage, outtakes, and upcoming projects! Filmed by Harris Oates More videos of Tennessee skateboarding at harrisoatesmedia.com!
  6. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261551069173?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649 Here is the ebay link to the item, the 250 gb model is very rare to find! More info and all pictures are posted on the ebay listing. FS-100 Firestore 250 GB This is an external hard drive for your camera that you plug up by Firewire 400 (6 pin). Model FS-100. You can find out if your camera can use it by looking at this link. http://www.webvideoguys.com/PDFs/Suggested_Camera_Compatible_and_Files_Formats_Guide.pdf Apparently there are ways to make it compatible with more cameras, please do the research. The hard drive is in very great condition; there are very small scratches on the body itself, no scratches on the screen or the front itself. The 250gb model is VERY HARD to find for sale online, and very few were made compared to the 160gb model. This one is for sale, and has an extended battery and a mounting box attached (shown in photos). Original manual and extra paper instructions of how to set it up to your camera, and original paperwork and charger included! The only thing missing is the firewire 400 cable used to plug up to the camera/computer which can easily be found online. Here is more information on this particular model. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/557087-REG/Panasonic_ASYF_1296_01LF_FS_100_250_250GB_Portable_DTE.html
  7. harrisoatesmedia.com I've been working on this project with Nate and Austin ever since I moved back home to Chattanooga, and the boys have put in work since. Their goal was to go to spots that no one really skates anymore or find spots that have never been skated and bring the creative minds to the table. Sometimes its not about who gets the gnarliest trick on a spot, for these two, its "how can I skate this spot different than anybody else?" This is their first skate part for both of them, so it's sick to see them share it together! Filmed and Edited by Harris Oates "THE HIGHEST POINT" IS NOW OUT ON DVD! Go buy your copy at Comfort Skateshop in Chattanooga, Sixth Avenue Skatepark in Nashville, or head over to www.harrisoatesmedia.com and we will ship you one! harrisoatesmedia.com
  8. I use a VX 2000 mostly, but sometimes I use my hpx170 for 2nd angle, b roll, etc. and a canon 60d for timelapse, b roll, artsy shots, and sometimes 3rd angles.
  9. This video has been in the works for quite sometime, and we are finally putting it to rest! It's going to be a heavy video, skating from Chattanooga and Nashville. harrisoatesmedia.com for more videos and updates about the video! harrisoatesmedia.com
  10. This is most of the footage I have filmed while I lived in Nashville. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaE_kW6Uz48 You can find more of my videos at http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  11. My homie Tyler battles out this gnarly no run way 19 stair handrail! I get chills every time I see this rail! check out more videos at http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com!
  12. I feel like we as people choose to see what we see, whether you're riding in the car, or you're walking on the sidewalk. As a skateboarder we get to see things so up close and personal. We see rough ground and take another way around it, besides just thinking its just another stretch of concrete. Or seeing sewer caps not as something a part of the road, but something to do tricks over. We know where all the huge cracks our when rolling through downtown. We see stuff in such a crazy way, and that's where the title of this film comes from. This was a documentary made for a class, and I wanted to make something completely new! Filmed by Harris Oates You can also check my website for more videos! www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  13. It was Buster doing the tre flip. check out www.harrisoatesmedia.com for more videos!
  14. I just got a new camera, and did some testing with it. I'm still getting used it since its completely different than a VX. But I filmed a little bit with it so far. Some of the DC dudes (Wes Kremer, Evan Smith, & Davis Torgerson came to town, and I had the privilege to help show them around and film a bit. So they helped break in the camera for me. So check it! Wes filmed the gnarly ender! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7xqC_Q-mPg Check out my new website for more videos! http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com/
  15. This is a montage that I made with some of the footage piling up on my computer for the past few months. I finally had a great chance to put out a montage with my release of my website I had to do for class (www.harrisoatesmedia.com) So have a look for yourself! The Hulkster had a look for himself in the streets of Nashville, he was pretty stoked on Tennessee skateboarding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6sN777GQTE Also check out my new website, tell me what you think of it, and check out my photography and my other videos! http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com/