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  1. alexgomez

    Thrasher 5 Panels

    only if they're 34's
  2. alexgomez

    Thrasher 5 Panels

    bump $38 for both shipped! i want these gone
  3. Both are prime. Looking for: $100 shipped for the rode mic & $220 for the Rokinon Will send photos on request and will take offers as well
  4. alexgomez

    Ollie, Ollie, Blunt.

    Not at all.
  5. @02:15 is right next to my house. used to be skated back in the day, then they skate blocked the kinked rail. A buddy of mine deknobbed it and now its getting blown up
  6. alexgomez

    Thrasher 5 Panels

    Bump! buy these
  7. alexgomez

    Kurt Hodge "footage Party" Full Part

    that ollie was fucked!
  8. alexgomez

    Thrasher 5 Panels

    I think 20 is a fair price
  9. alexgomez

    Thrasher 5 Panels

    I don't wear hats (especially five panels), so these have never even been tried on. $30 for the blue and $20 for the camo. $38 firm for both shipped Update: will only ship to ContUs
  10. alexgomez

    Grant Taylor On Antihero

    Grant Taylor on AntiHero
  11. Really stoked to ride a Taylor antihero board in the near future
  12. alexgomez

    Full Length

    Thanks dude! It was just a manybrand but I used half the Original Media Cage and the Opteka sleazy handle. Im bummed tho, both the handles were stolen when some one broke into my car