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  1. Hi, Kerry! I have the same problem with my VX1000. I tried switching the CCD prism, the CB-49, JC-12... almost every piece and cable but without succeed. I know there's so much things that can cause the problem but maybe you have a clue based on your experience with this kind of error. Thank you so much in advance!. Kind regards.
  2. Hi! So much thanks for your knowledge!! I will let him know about your advices. Bless you all!!
  3. Hi! I had already changed the Capstan motor between the tape decks but it still doing the same thing. I uploaded a video and hopefully this will bring some light. Here it is: Regards!
  4. I'm afraid that the deck may be stuck in that position. Could it be?
  5. No worry, it's fine. So, what do I need to drive the load motor with a power supply, if you don't mind? Could it work if I push the eject button and then I remove the battery when the tape deck stops half the way? Thank you!
  6. Hi! Thank you for the information! I want to try that but I don't know exactly how to drive the load motor with a power supply. The thing is that I have another deck that doesn't record properly, maybe one time good but the next three times with glitches, intermittently, perhaps it's easier to try to fix that one. Can I fix the second swapping the Drum motor? or maybe if I clean the heads conscientiously? Thank you in advance!
  7. I don't think so. If he let me his Vx he must be desperate...
  8. Hi everyone! Recently a friend let me his VX to see if I could fix it, but I don't know exactly which part is wrong. The problem is that the tape deck just ejects half the way, stops, and then retracts back again. There's is some annoying buzz coming from the deck, but the camera records, rewinds and do its functions properly, so I do not have a clue to where this problem resides. Anyone can help me with this? So much thanks in advance! Regards.
  9. Hi! Luckily the back focus is not messed up!! Thank you for your knowledge and advices! Regards.
  10. But in this case, combining a lens unit and a CB-49 from the same camera and a Main board from other camera it doesn't need adjustments, isn't it? By the way, do you have any clue about the steady shot issue? Thank you a lot for your reply! Regards.
  11. Hi!! I still don't know if the problem of the Main board is solved because I didn't use the camera since then, but I also changed the VAP assembly because of the steady shot and when I turned it ON it started buzzing and vibrating a lot, so I changed it back to its original lens and it worked properly. I assume that the problem resides in a spoiled part or cable of the 'new' lens, anyone have a clue of what part could be? I tried combining the VAP assembly and its original lens parts with the boards of other VX1000 but like you said it needs software adjustments, and I only have one apparent functional Main board, so I just changed the CB-49 board that matches with the lens and now the focus issue seems to be solved. I always though that the lens, the CB-49 and the Main board has to go together, but now it seems that the Main board is not essential, is that true? Sorry for my poor language domain. Thank you so much in advance! Regards.
  12. Hi! Recently I switched the Main board and by now the problem seems to be solved, because I don't know how provoke it. Time will tell. Many thanks for giving me a hand!! I learned a lot with you guys! Regards.
  13. Hi! In this case, I had to change the DD-75 board, which is the one where the battery holder is connected at. Here you go one pic! Regards.