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  1. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Cap Cam & Mk1

    Bump. Still looking for an mk1
  2. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Cap Cam & Mk1

  3. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Cap Cam & Mk1

    Looking for a decent condition cap cam and/or mk1. No scratched glass! Show me what you got and I'll make a good offer.
  4. MrTristanChart

    Sell Me Your Mk1 (for Vx1000)

    Don, mk1's go for max 500 on SP..
  5. MrTristanChart

    Vx2100, Mk1, And 48 Sony Tapes

    I have a vx2000 for sale. Fully functional with minor wear & tear. PM me
  6. MrTristanChart

    The Filming Price List (regularly Updated)

    I have a vx2000 for sale. Fully functional with minor wear & tear. PM me
  7. I have a vx2/mk1 bayoring. Also have a vx2 w/ bag, bats, & charger if anyone needs either.
  8. MrTristanChart

    Vx2/21 Bayo Ring For Mk1

    I have one if you still need. PM me
  9. MrTristanChart

    Wtb Camera

    I have a vx2000. Fully functioning with minor wear & tear on body, never had any internal problems. PM me your email for photos. Apparently your PM box is full...
  10. MrTristanChart

    Vx1000 Or T3i

    I have a vx2/mk1 setup right now and am looking to trade for, or buy a vx1000 or t3i. I'm not letting go of the mk1 if someone gives me an offer with a vx1 obviously. I'm also willing to sell my whole setup or separately. Shoot me some offers.. on here or email: tjachart@gmail.com (my setup is minty fresh)
  11. MrTristanChart

    Trying To Buy A Vx

    I have a 2000.
  12. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Mk1 Vx1000 Mount

  13. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Vx2/mk1 Set Up

    i got vx2/mk1. mk1 is mint and vx2 is in perfect working condition. email me: tjachart@gmail.com
  14. MrTristanChart

    Wtb Century Mk1 For Vx1000

    i have one mint, how much?
  15. MrTristanChart

    Wtb: Ty Evans Ogio Bag / Similar Bag

    lemme know what you have & how much you want for it