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  1. butterzmedia

    Hype Full Length Video

    sorry you have a short attention span
  2. butterzmedia

    Hype Full Length Video

    well it is called a FULL LENGTH for a reason...
  3. A full length video our crew made
  4. Hi, i'm just finishing up a full length and i need to know how to put it onto a DVD that can play on computers, macs, xbox, and dvd players. I also want it look good so i need to know the best settings to export it onto the dvd. The full length is filmed with mainly dvx100 and vx1. any help is greatly appreciated. ps. i edit with adobe premier pro cs5.5 but i have encore as-well.
  5. butterzmedia

    Audio Out Of Sync

    iv'e had the same problem, capture with a final cut pro and you're golden
  6. VX1/Mk1 presets: Colour level: 6/6 Sharpness: 2/6 Wb Shift: Varies depending on the white balance i realize some of the filming was not on point.
  7. butterzmedia

    First Vx1 Mk1

    Thanks for all the feedback guys!
  8. butterzmedia

    First Vx1 Mk1

    feedback please!
  9. butterzmedia

    Vx1 Mk1 Test

    everything was too the top is CP i realize now sharpness cant be high in low light. im in love with this fisheye. thanks joey9 let me know what you think guys
  10. butterzmedia

    Assignment 32 Voting

    3pts - (Corduroy32) 2pts - (Jerskates) 1pt - (DecaturSkater)
  11. butterzmedia


    oh canada
  12. butterzmedia

    Dvx100a/opteka Footy

    filming was super good, i think you should bump up your color level. change those scene files abit. my friend has a dvx and has prime colors, message me and il tell you his scene file settings
  13. butterzmedia

    Vx1000 Won't Turn On.

    before sending it in for repair put your vx in a something with rice in it and leave everything on the vx that can be open (backdoor, tapedeck, ect..) also silica gel helps (from shoe boxes) when the water droplet appears its because there's too much moisture in the vx or you just rapidly changed temperatures or altitudes with the vx. when it appears nothing will work on your camera till it becomes properly moist.
  14. i dont see the line in the video