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  1. tyler strasser

    Grime Official

  2. tyler strasser

    Wtt: Vx1/mk1 For Full Frame Dslr/xpro1

    i dont think youre gonna get a full frame for a vx setup
  3. tyler strasser


    gay or ?
  4. tyler strasser


  5. tyler strasser

    Ollie And Switch Nosegrind

    someone tell me if the ollie photo is good or not
  6. tyler strasser

    Ollie And Switch Nosegrind

    nosegrind is what he called it
  7. tyler strasser

    Philip Kessel- Noseslide

    fucking sick how did you get the motion blur behind him?!?!
  8. tyler strasser

    T2i Problems

    Is there something i can plug the mic into to record with?
  9. tyler strasser

    T2i Problems

    Hey, so i have 2 canon t2i's and i have been using an azden mic with them for some time. Recently i dropped one of the cameras on the side with the mic plugged in the 3.5mm jack. It bent the metal thing that goes in the jack and also fucked up the inside of the jack. I then tried the mic in the other t2i to see if it worked and it did not. i have now invested in a new mic to put on the camera that i did not drop. It does not work. I must have messed something up when i tried the broked mic in it. so now i have 2 cameras that a new mic does not work with and an interview to do that i specificly bought the mic for. PLEASE throw me some ideas/advice
  10. tyler strasser

    Tre Flip, Ollie, Front Nose

    bonus kickflip
  11. tyler strasser


    the cowboy studio ones. a transmitter with 2 recievers was only 35$. its been about half a year and now they only work when i shoot fisheye, and like 20% of the time with a 50mm
  12. tyler strasser


    whichever one involves the transmitters and recievers
  13. tyler strasser


    So my flashes only work when im close to em so i end up shooting alot with fisheye
  14. tyler strasser

    Audio Problem

    i was using a t2i with a azden something mic, and like half of my clips have no audio. just like a humming noise. please tell me theres something i can do.