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  1. RyanNowosielski

    Vx2100 Comparisons

    yeah, the mk2 screw is wider than the mk1 intermediate.... it's a little less clear because it messes with the focal length, but it's still good. i prefer the mk1int, but for money's sake, they're probably equally as good - depends on your situation.
  2. RyanNowosielski

    Vx2100 Comparisons

    the focus issues are because it sees soo much of itself (there's so much vig that it's extremely hard to focus properly. sometimes you can fix it using different camera settings. usually a very fast shutter speed comes out crystal clear, while slower shutter speeds create a greater focus problem. benefits of the MK1 intermediate is the no vig/ focus issues... that's really it. it's more expensive and alot larger/heavier than the VX1Mk1. It's definitely a great lens though, so if you can get your hands on one, do it. i used a GLMK1 on my VX2100 for well over a year and loved every minute of it.... but i like the barrel distortion the mk1mod offers, so i swapped out. hope it helps man.
  3. RyanNowosielski

    Vx2100 Comparisons

    it's fine for tv though. comparable to vx1/mk1 with only the slightest tint of vig on the left side on some televisions.
  4. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    it was with a VX2100, not a GL. i don't have any night footage with the GL. i'll try to get that footage soon though. hit me up on aim if you want the full clip.
  5. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    i filmed the other night at night with very little light, and it focused just as well as any other lens i believe. i'll try to get some footage up later. i actually slammed pretty good filming, sucks dick ,but the only damage was my VL-10 got smashed, and the side of my MK1mod was a little scuffed (but not the glass) , and one rub mark on the vx right by the lcd.... all in all, i was very lucky considering what it looked like.
  6. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    you talkin about my suggestion?
  7. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    yeah, the mod's are sometimes a little harder to focus manually. if you leave it on auto during the day it should be fine.
  8. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    i'm very suprised by that. the VX2_00 MK2s fit directly onto the GL/XM series without any modification. i'm 100% sure of that. if you're making the bayo rings to look just like that kind of bayo - i can't imagine why it wouldn't be the same. if anyone with the mod has a friend or something with a GL/XM , i'd appreciate someone trying to take the screw out and put it directly onto that cam. thanks.
  9. RyanNowosielski

    How To : Manual Settings On Gl-2

    haha, damn... oh well , as long as it helps... i must say i woulda liked a little credit though
  10. RyanNowosielski

    How To : Manual Settings On Gl-2

    no problem man.. glad it can help as many people as it can.
  11. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    hey scared, i think you can pass these rings off as universal ... i was just thinking, i know that a VX2-00 MK2 will adapt to a GL series camcorder without any modification.... so i'd imagine that the mod bayo would be the same... if it fits the vx2-00, it should fit the GL series as well.... someone needs to test this, if anyone has these rings and access to a local store with GLs or a friend with one, or whatever... go test it out. scared, if you have the option, i'd definitely look into it... your business might just double through observation ... hope this helps.
  12. RyanNowosielski

    Gl Series Death - Fitting On A Vx2_00 Camera

    you have to order them directly from century... unless you're lucky enough to get one off ebay... they're rare though.
  13. RyanNowosielski

    Gl2 Fisheye Comparisons

    actually, nobody has paid me to mod theirs yet
  14. RyanNowosielski

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    i don't make my own ,but i modify the bayonets to fit the GLs. i've got a mk1mod that i share between my Vx2100 and GL2.
  15. RyanNowosielski

    How To : Manual Settings On Gl-2

    nah, GL1 doesn't have as many options as the GL1... it's alot simpler camera - so the setting distribution is alot less complex.