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  1. tylarpomroy


    Can you give me the contact info for girl staring at the camera
  2. tylarpomroy


    RIP to Derek of course but also to the guy in the beginning - Kenny Cunningham. At least from what I heard he died sometime ago.
  3. tylarpomroy

    Fuck this place.

    Why not go on Slap if you're looking for something like AAG. Not to promote them but that's where all AAG-type content is
  4. It was...good, but like Jay said Etnies needs to revamp their shit
  5. Skating is in a weird place idk Goob
  6. tylarpomroy

    Sean Pablo's Paradise

    Bianca Chandon was a cooler concept
  7. tylarpomroy

    Jesus Christ. What happened?

    Does anyone have the youtube link to BPimp's freestyle?
  8. tylarpomroy


    I joined Mensa