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  1. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Wtb: Vx1k/mk1 Setup Or (for Dvx100p/mk2 Setup)

  2. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Wtb: Vx1k/mk1 Setup Or (for Dvx100p/mk2 Setup)

    Maybe, I'd go $300, no scratches good condition
  3. message me if you want to sell me a vx1k setup or if you want to trade a vx1k setup for a dvx setup
  4. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Critique This Ish

    yeah i see what you mean, i don't know ive just been feeling rushed to finish edits and not putting much effort into them at all really.
  5. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Critique This Ish

    Give me some feedback, not all filming was done by myself.
  6. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Red X On Dvx

    So i noticed when i was filming one day that there was a red blinking x in the top left corner of the viewfinder. I finished up filming for the day and saw that it meant i had dirty heads. I put in a new tape and went filming the next day. The red x does not appear anymore. Was it the tape? I use standard panasonic dry tapes.
  7. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Top Rail

  8. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Top Rail

    Critique if you want (i probably just spelled that wrong) yeah i know i didn't use a fisheye, filmed in like 10 min.
  9. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Park Curb

    cool cooper!
  10. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Park Curb

    Filmed this randomly, some of the homies brought up the curb the other day and we decided to make an edit out of it, critique if you want.
  11. SkateHuntleyFilms

    New Geneva Park

    thanks cooper! i know, my only real problem now is getting closer. but im actually happy with this one.
  12. SkateHuntleyFilms

    New Geneva Park

    Let me know what you think. Enjoy
  13. SkateHuntleyFilms


  14. SkateHuntleyFilms

    Home Sweet Home

    again not my video just want to promote it for Will and Brandon
  15. SkateHuntleyFilms


    Not my video, just want to help out my bud.