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  1. willv500

    Vx1k Viewfinder Help

    not really its better to not have it loose at all but its not that big a deal if its a little loose
  2. willv500

    Official Panasonic Hmc40 Thread

    how do you change it
  3. willv500

    Official Panasonic Hmc40 Thread

    hey my mic on my hmc40 has been very loud and sounding weird what are the best mic settings for the camera because someone put my mic level to lie 10 and its fucked up
  4. willv500

    Vx1k Viewfinder Help

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-DCR-VX1000-viewfinder-ribbon-cable-/130456335038?pt=Camera_Cables_Cords&hash=item1e5fcdb2be#ht_729wt_1271 if it breaks hers a link on ebay for the ribbon cable
  5. willv500

    Vx1k Viewfinder Help

    if it ever breaks you can buy a new ribbon cable or get one replaced in and its not that expensive
  6. willv500

    Vx1000 Mic Sag

    JW what is the best way to reduce or fix mic sag on the vx without sending it in. the mic works but it sags a lot
  7. willv500

    Vx1000 + Mk1

    how much and does it come with batteries and charger
  8. willv500

    Sony Dcr-vx1000 For Saleeeeeeeeee

    how much for everything???
  9. willv500

    Film Thread

    [quote name='FenderSixString' date='Sep 5 2005, 07:46 PM' post='644587'] I hate that shit. That was my first roll... [/quot] yeah yo this shit sucks it mad dark and shit
  10. willv500

    The Ramped Slow Mo Thread

    Yeah that happens to me too in After Affects Cs5.5 Does anyone know whats wrong?
  11. willv500

    Buying A New Camera...opinions?

    true af100 is a very good camera i used ty evan's not to long ago. The videos are super hd and crisp.