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  1. The title is self explanatory and since the video isn't exactly focused on anything its the only appropriate title my weak creation can come up with. I'd like some feed back, i know my filming is shady at times, I've improved but tell me if you guys like. Thanks
  2. Friends of mine that wanted me to do this for them, enjoy!
  3. Feedback appreciated, i know i cut out the skateboard and head at times, still getting used to cam sorry. I dont think i cut the tricks out though. anyways enjoy!
  4. Some guy i met, and yes i didn't film him as well as i should have. Enjoy
  5. So a big park just opened up, all concrete, lots of flow so i decided to get as many rides as i could and head up there to film this. Filmed with a Panasonic gh1 with Rokinon 7.5mm fish-eye and 14-42mm kit lens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Lz8Sx3WpA...eature=youtu.be Enjoy! Sub if you want more :}
  6. Sp i got a new fisheye for my panasonic gh1. Rokinon 7.5mm. Here is some footy showing what its like with some throwaway footy. So a throwaway monty with new fisheye. Thanks rocknrollmcdonalds!
  7. Decided to try out twixtor and this is what i got, still some warping and ghosting but overall i think it ok. Feedback appreciated. Thanks for watching!
  8. Not really Houston but near it, anyways, Enjoy! Sub if you like the stuff, if you don't, don't subscribe easy as that. Comment too if you wish. Thanks for watching.
  9. AQcolors

    Parks Around Houston Area

    Ha thanks. Homemade for me will suffice. Thanks for watching
  10. AQcolors

    Parks Around Houston Area

    Believe me, its sort of a sacrifice because theres NO spots, and nothing else to do. Thanks for watching
  11. AQcolors

    Parks Around Houston Area

    Thanks man, the two cameras don't pair so well so i just color corrected, n upped the contrast cause of noise but thanks.
  12. AQcolors

    Mini Mega Tricks

    Ya i* wasn't exaclty serious on this... i found ramping addicting
  13. Or more like our version of it. Enjoy! Sub if you wish, would help out, if you don't want to don't simple as that. I try to keep my vids updated at least once a week.
  14. AQcolors

    Mini Mega Tricks

    Ha thanks but it was using a sony handycam, no manual exposure and i have yet to get fisheye for my DSLR. Thanks for the reply!
  15. Using a panasonic GH1 with 50mm equivalent to 100mm lens 1.8. Sorry for shaky footage still need to get OIS lens.
  16. AQcolors

    Panasonic Gh1 Fisheye Options

    I have panasonic GH1, working on getting lenses and audio etc... I was wondering if anyone has any options on what fisheye to get since it does have a crop sensor besides the 700$ Panasonic one. I was thinking of the Opteka 6.5mm but i was wondering if it looses the distortion of a fisheye? I haven't found any videos of people using this combo. Any other lens suggestions? Thanks
  17. Not exactly a montage(moreofa minitage) but just some last clips to get in. Tell me what you think... SUcks, horrible, Aweful, or mediocre, and if you really think so... good? Also what bout the intro...aight? THanks
  18. AQcolors

    Panasonic Gh1 Fisheye Options

    Thanks a lot, i can wait a month and that lens looks nice, ill go ahead and buy me the 14-42 while i wait.
  19. AQcolors

    Panasonic Gh1 Fisheye Options

    When will the Samyang come out, i can't wait too long and the price? Any more details on this?
  20. AQcolors

    Question About Rendering

    No its not possible because you are scrunching the video down. The first clip is wider thus is not an oval. What look exactly are you trying to achieve here?
  21. AQcolors

    Can My Computer Handle Hd?

    Probably, i run 1.6ghz 2b ram and i edit 44mbs AVCHD footage fairly smooth. I was really surprised.