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  1. The Gnarliest Dump Truck You've Ever Seent

    I think my brain just exploded holy fuck
  2. Oregon

  3. - Handplant -

    I don't own flashes anymore so this was on-camera flash on my 60d...I wish that those lights weren't in there, especially right over his board/hand. Whoops Brian Nero - Handplant by CaP17A, on Flickr Also fucking around on some weirdly skinny vert qp Brian Nero - Up&Down by CaP17A, on Flickr
  4. Oregon

    Thanks man...I just used that VSCO app and fucked around with the filters a little
  5. Oregon

    Was out in Oregon this summer at Mount Hood and I didn't bring my camera. So here are two black and white photos from my phone. ~*artsy*~ Mount Hood by CaP17A, on Flickr It's impossible to take a picture of Mount Hood that hasn't been taken 100 times before Oregon coast by CaP17A, on Flickr Lemme know what you guys think
  6. Summer Snowboarding

    Thx broz I wish on the third I framed him above those dark clouds but I blew it
  7. Summer Snowboarding

    I fucked up and didn't bring my cameraout to Mt. Hood with me this summer. Here are three shots off my phone from the sunset shoot we did at Windells Jesse Paul / Jon Overson by CaP17A, on Flickr Tim Humphries - Miller Flip by CaP17A, on Flickr Shaun Murphy - Crippler by CaP17A, on Flickr
  8. Autumn

    It's fall dawgz. Shot on a rainy day Tree by CaP17A, on Flickr Mist by CaP17A, on Flickr Tree in Water Vertical by CaP17A, on Flickr Bonus
  9. Powerslide

    tru. i wanted to have the wooden fence/rail lead out but its too dark to show
  10. Powerslide

    Thanks homie
  11. Powerslide

    Random shot, haven't shot skating in a bit. Just been lurking here for a while again, been a while though. Dmitri Dodge - Powerslide by CaP17A, on Flickr
  12. Ollie North To Fakie

    Ninja kick
  13. Kickflip Fakie - Abandoned Ship

    Get rid of that shopping cart. I think it'd be a better photo op if he would just do a huge frontside air and you framed it so he's in the sky/ocean. Where is this place? Good shot though, I like it
  14. Fs Flip Tail Stall

    I've never seen a frontside flip look like he was trying to hang 10 before