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  1. Cali or New York City fo sho
  2. Justin Fabus Masf

    fack ya dude! that was sick and the park also looked dope
  3. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    a mutha fuckin zip zinger
  4. We all know that many commercial skateboarding companies (Element, DC, and Plan are attempting to make to general public more aware of skateboarding. Many people like that more people know about skateboarding and other would like to keep skateboarding to the skaters. What is your opinion?
  5. Jokes

    Hahaha womens basketball
  6. High Trucks?

    If you ride loose trucks then your gonna like high trucks cause they're stop wheel bite
  7. My First Video On Skateperception!

    Dude that filming was pretty bad no offense
  8. Bokeh Promo #2

    everyone in that promo killed it! i cant fuckin wait
  9. Shake Junt Video

    Dustin Dollin
  10. New Incline Park!

    hell ya! the that video was sick!!
  11. Ridiculous Flatbar Skating!

    damn! he kills it
  12. that looked pretty dope dude
  13. Look At Me

    that looks so sick! are you guys from the midwest?
  14. "what Time, When?" Promo. (las Vegas, Nv)

    What the fuck? im hyped!!