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  1. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    been a while! does shake even haxball doe
  2. R-ch

    Tour De Hasselblad Anyone?

    Some high-level trolling.
  3. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    then, unless that's your homey, don't bother shooting with him again.
  4. R-ch

    Front Smith And A Van

    why? id say the skater is nicely exposed, the wall is definitely hot though
  5. R-ch

    Das How Dat Shit Go

    you posted it kinda big, it's hard to take in a photo when you have to scroll. it's hard to tell he's going from first to third but honestly i'm not sure how to get past that issue apart from shooting sequence (fuck that). dope spot ferrr sherrrr
  6. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    page 1 0 0 0 www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhenogvNrno
  7. R-ch

    Scanning - For Your Consideration

    dude i am so interested! i'll PM you. I've also got a feeling you're in europe which is even better for postage.
  8. R-ch

    Scanning - For Your Consideration

    Yeah, i managed to get a 4490 for 30 euros but it didn't come with any holders. There isn't any in Spain so i'm going to have to order from elsewhere.
  9. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    I've seen on videos lately dudes using on camera flash as well as external. I'd personally recommend just not going on camera in any situation unless there's literally nothing else you can do. I used two flashes the whole time i shot flashed skate photos, it's easier than three and can be more effective. I'm at work right now so can't link the photo but i posted on here, about 3/4 of the way down, how to shoot with two flashes. It's all about that 180 degree line. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/309334-post-your-lighting-v2/ that's a good thread to learn from too regarding zoom levels and stuff. I don't want to be mean to Tin Man but his photos aren't good to learn from. Look at skate videos and pause them when you see flashguns to see exactly how the pros do it. There's alot of people in skateboard photography who think they know how to use flashes but they don't, so be careful who you choose to learn from.
  10. R-ch

    Scanning - For Your Consideration

    Does anyone have a spare V series 35mm holder they can sell me? (v500, v550, 4490)
  11. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    I just use tumblr but my site is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper simple. It's pretty easy to get rid of any trace it's tumblr apart from when they click the photo to get it bigger, i havent figured out how to change that yet. richboyphoto.com
  12. R-ch

    Random Photo Discussion

    This is becoming a pointless conversation but i can tell you 100% that Sidewalk was available in digital format. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/sidewalk-skateboarding/id468654361?mt=8 /end
  13. R-ch

    Chex For Dinner

    the third is soooo good
  14. . . . First time shooting Portra through the M6. ALOT of grain straight from (the lab) scan ( ? )