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    Short Youtube Skate Clips?

    thinking about it in a content type of way short clips arnt as interesting to view on youtube (yt consistently pushes videos 10 min+ instead of quick clips) its all about the social presence you can make with the clip, a different outlet would get different reactions but for short stuff youtube probably isnt the way to go if views are in mind
  2. BurkyBro

    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    i started out filming skating and found this site in a similar way to you, once high school was over i got tired of delivering pizzas and started filming and editing music videos. eventually got hooked up with a big youtube channel and was hired on as main filming/editing for the entire channel, mainly do freelance work now and havent had a real "job" in years. at this point in time youtube is my paycheck (monthly) but i still find work in between for when i need that extra cash. a local skateshop just offered me a position as their filmer and im serious contemplating do it. doesnt pay for shit but i could keep my youtube going and get into something i always loved. i am also down to answer any questions on how to make a living off of youtube or online content in general
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    i dont use mac but i get away with a Hauppauge hdpvr (not the gaming edition) and i use the a/v out on the side of my camera to the hdpvr. then the hdpvr has a capture software i use for it. even used it for vx footage when my cap pc burnt up
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    Filming with a DSLR - Rokinon

    i use a tokina 10-17mm fisheye for my 6d, cheaper alternative to the canon 8-15 and just as sharp. i can control my vig with zooming, 13mm is hella and 14mm is none
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    Easy handle v2 feeler

    still available? DM on instagram @burkyfilms
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    VX9000/DSR200AP- viable vx alternative?

    you could achieve that vx1 look with a vx700, not sure what these bad boys go for but i bought 2 vx700's on ebay for under $300 total (diff sellers) one is the mintest camera i've ever even handled and i'm keeping the heads safe for a vx1 when needed but the other one is for parts and i just got a dn60 to use with it. could save yourself the shoulder pain if you regularly try and film with it
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    Tapeless VX1000 recording

    i just got a dn60 off ebay and it just arrived to my house. i've had a vx1000 in my closet for awhile and i'm finally about to get to use it often. wondering if i shouldve found one of the sony options but i'll post test clips asap. anyone have any gripes of the datavideo compared to the sony option?
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    Which DSLR fisheye setup?

    You could get a 5d2 and a tokina 10-17mm, i have one with my 6d and got it as cheaper option to the canon. https://youtu.be/JKM_FFlUTjM heres a shitty example but you can see on the fr smith down the handle rail, with the 10-17 you can be at around 13.5 and it gives the vig shown in my video on my canon 6d. A 5d2 would give the same results. Grab a smallHd monitor and you’re set with a nice setup
  9. email is burkyfilms@gmail.com hmu got cash and trades lets work something out. 717
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    How To Release A Full Length

    write shoot edit repeat
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    split camera? i can do $500 shipped
  12. same setup as http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/315400-canon-6d-w-tokina-10-17mm-fisheye-footage/
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    The Filming Netjiot

    seem like to much to be doing
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    Vx1mk1 Setup

    ill give you$150 for the camera if the fisheye sells
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    Roar And Gills Demo Reel

    check out my demo reel guys, this was made all in the year of 2014 tell me what you think!
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    Local Skatepark Footage Canon 600d

    what was your iso at?
  18. this makes me want to be cool and do stuff
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    Da Block: New Year Old Footy

    duhfuq was this filmed on?! shit looks crispy af post sharpening?
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    Ishod, Ronnie, Conor

    i dig it
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    5dmkii Peleng Copped

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    Call Me