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  1. kittys

    Weird Footing

    Mongo pushing is so punk rock
  2. Not a street spot but volcom skatepark is pretty cool park.
  3. kittys

    Channels To Sub To?

    stupid vids http://www.youtube.com/user/TrannyFiends
  4. kittys

    Tf Vol.1

    We HD now.
  5. kittys

    ~wtb! Trv900 / Babydeath Setup

    I got a super clean one up one on ebay the link is in my signature!
  6. Ya there shaped boards are sick.
  7. kittys

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

    Got some vans feel different after wearing gravis for a couple months
  8. kittys

    Vx1000 Vs Trv900

    I love my trv just want to get somrthing hd now. trv are great sd cameras
  9. Shop deck size 8 indys with bones bushings spits 52mm Cruiser board: 8.5 with a fun shape ace 55 54 ricta clouds
  10. Hell yeah I got no problem with arto gettin paid
  11. kittys

    Looking For Camera?

    My trv set up is for sale on ebay perfect for beginners http://r.ebay.com/xRaLO2
  12. I think there alright it seems like they market to 13 year old kids though, but I have place in my heart for the baker crew.
  13. I heard quiksilver was ending there skate team dont know if its true
  14. kittys

    Re Using Tapes

    Re using them should be a big deal but its nice to have a hard copy back up of all your clips.
  15. kittys

    First Skate Video?

    Baker 3 Really makes me not want to go hd